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♫ 지나가 (everythingoes) (with NELL) — RM

Inspiration —
Though some have changed.
Some forever, not for better.
Some have gone and some remain.
In my life, I loved them all.

— In My Life, The Beatles



  1. I have an answer for myself
    All of you must already have your own answers too
    whatever they are, I respect them all as long as you respect mine.

    thank you as always 🙂

  2. Taengsic shippers, we really like to torture ourselves huh

  3. Videos like this makes me not forget that taengsic exists.. Still and forever in our hearts.. Hope that one day, we can see them again interact and come up with new memories together with the other girls ofcourse. For all the people who still hopes and not stopping to to bring it back in our lives.. Kudos to you all. I know its hard , but we are all trying right? So yeah! Never and ever guys!

  4. Holgacity you are so inspirational and artistic. I feel your art. You’re awesome

  5. Y’all know what i am right now….Hurt i am hurt damn it we unbreakables are now living in fics and things like this and all these keep us alive. We will stay strong.

  6. What a beautiful memories, backsong and lyrics. How could you always made amazing videos?

  7. The emptiness, pain and sadness is depicted beautifully as even though heartbreaking stuff like this happens, life goes on, with or without you…

  8. I care more about them than my personal life :’)

  9. ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 제시카 소녀시대 탈퇴이후에도 전 제시카와ㅠ소녀시대분들 팬이기때뮨에 열심히 웅원하고아ㅛ어요!!!!

  10. I miss Taengsic T.T I miss Jessica I miss the old days all that precious memories and moments it will always in our hearts it will never fades it will forever stay in our hearts when will they’ll reunite with Jessica I hope they’ll invite Jessica in their next Anniversary and I hope Jessica will come

  11. 한국인 와드박아라 아직 댓글 21개다..

  12. I love taengsic no buts no nothing, loving them that is me. and deep down inside i think not only taengsic shipper but all of the fandom are dying wanted a collaboration between these two, if not an album just one duet would be enough because we all have to admit that these two are one of the best main vocalists in the 2nd Generation of Kpop world. No one could ever denied that either

  13. ㅠㅅㅠ

  14. I’m hurting myself but I just can’t let go this ship. This ship is my first ship. It’s so special to me. The first time I entered this fandom, Taengsic’s friendship caught my eye. You can see that they’re special to one another by the way they took care and look in each other. Anyways, I’d stop right here before I write some long-ass sad comment. Just read my Username, it says it all :))

  15. taengsic haunts me still and this video only made it hurt more huhu

  16. Mi taengsic ❤ siempre estará en mi corazón ❤

  17. My favourite editor♥️♥️♥️ I love all your videos ♥️♥️♥️

  18. Taengsic was always a depressing ship.

  19. beautiful

  20. Just because those memories was too precious and unforgettable, words can’t tell how heart breaking it is when reality keeps reminding you ‘everythingoes’.

    I don’t want to forget but I just can’t let go.

  21. Ah. Fck.
    It hurts.
    Taengsic angst is the best to hurt #taengsicshippers feelings.

  22. God bless you holgacity

  23. It’s hard keeping it together when you stan the most sunken ship. Too bad I can’t just simply choose who to ship and ended up with taengsic. This makes me so emo.
    Thank you for still making taengsic videos ❤.