I can’t comprehend this entire thing… It’s too overwhelming.
But I believe they did this with much consideration and they have their own life fulfilment that they want to achieve too. Supporting is the best way right now.


  1. This is bittersweet for me. Of course I am sad because I have been with SNSD from the beginning (yes, I’m old – Seohyun’s age, actually), but at the same time, I am ready for them to move on. I already knew the day was coming when their latest album dropped. I could sense it because I have been with them a long time and I know my girls. I know what their hearts want. They need the freedom to live their own dreams. I hope they find happiness as they live out the rest of their lives. We will all still be supporting them.

    I love you, SNSD and SONES. It was beautiful.

  2. even though the 3 of snsd members leaved us im still a SONE no matter what happen. it will never change the fact that SNSD IS MY LIFE

  3. I will just stay very quietly praying that they will still carry on with SNSD even if they don’t all work for SM anymore. I mean, you don’t just throw 10 years (17, actually, since Jessica, hyoyeon and Sooyoung trained for 7 years before debut) through the window just like that… I choose to believe…and perhaps…even Jessi will be back eventually! Dare I hope for this much?? F*cking yes, I do! Right now, from now on, forever!

  4. The 10th Anniversary fanmeeting is more like a farewell concert than an anniversary fanmeeting.

  5. SNSD is 9
    and now just 5
    it’s really hurts..
    but I’m still SONE…

  6. I believe that right now, they need our support. We should try to understand them, and love them more. The girls may not be apart of GG anymore but, they may still have a friendship

  7. Ahhh I’m gonna miss you all so much! T-T best of luck!

  8. yoona and sunny words make me cry..

  9. We Believe SNSD, we love snsd, we care about SNSD but SM DONT.
    For me this confirm it wasn’t Jessica fault is all SM fault, they Destroy SNSD just like they destroy TVXQ.

  10. But my bias is tiffany and i love taeny so saddddd

  11. It was very hurt for my feeling, so i don’t want to know all bad news of SNSD because in my heart SNSD have 9 members forever.

  12. We are lost 3 members of Girls’ Generation.

  13. They are my happiness my life ..thank you..I’ll still support you guys..no matter what

  14. Thank you for uploading this. I don’t even the right emoji to use.

  15. Sunny will always be in the power position at SM as long as the Chairman is on her speed dial.

  16. I am crying, I amm so sorry to GG, I cant give you all of my love and my time. I just watched you from my phone but trust me i love GG so much, especially for Tiffany. GG bring my teenage so colorful. i dont know what to do if i never know GG. GG is a half of my life. So I will suppot you whatever, whenever, wherever you are. Thank You for this 10 years, I do love you GG.


  18. cry cry cry. I’m so proud all of you guys

  19. Imagine this video is about EXO 10th year anniversary. I can’t handle myself watching them just like I’m crying watching GG. Both are my favorite groups 🙁

  20. After hearing the news, I watched their concerts and crying the whole time.. Maybe they left the group but they are still Girls’ Generation in everyone’s heart . <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  21. We will never forget you guys and what you have done for your fans around the world. Who knew that on august 5th 2007 would of given birth to such a legendary girls group. It really hurts how everything plays out in life. August being the 8th month and then jessica leaving making the group OT8, as well as her leaving on the month of September which the month shares the same number as the amount of members they debut with. Also the fifth of August being the day of their debut and now becoming OT5. They changed so many peoples lives and without asking for anything in return and even though I can’t give much, the best I can do is say Thank You Girls Generations for allowing us to be apart of the journey that you guys walked. We will always and forever be a part of your dream… no your Reality and no matter what you or us fans do we will always be complete. We’ll handle these hard moments together It’s something we’ll do together till the end into our new world, it’s what we always have done together. Also to Sooyoung ,Seohyun and Tiffany, I wish you nothing but luck in what ever it is you want to pursue next . It takes courage to do what you girls did, having to leave your family behind and sacrifice everything in order to fulfill your dreams, that is a very rough thing to have to go through but guess what, it made you guys so strong and it also give you plenty of fans around the world who love you guys dearly 🙂

  22. SONE in the comments PLEASE stop with this goodbye nonsense. The girls say SNSD will not disband. Believe in them!

  23. This is probably the saddest members leaving any GG in kpop history

  24. I Just want to say thanks for all of them,, because of them i know what is KPOP,, I remember when they first time debute ITNW song its really makes me loves at the first heard,, and what makes me proud is, they can show us what beautifull life of group (how 9 characters into 1), what is work passionate, how to keep have positive thinking while working, how to be a real leader, what should junior do for senior, and how to stay humble after all great achievements getted,, Now i just want them to be happy, whatever they chooses I will continue support them. Thank you GG for always being great and awesome ☺☺