JESSICA – LINE EVOLUTION (while in SNSD) [2007-2014]
This video is inspired by *ultimatekpop*’s videos
so please check him out:

If You wonder why I didn’t ranked Divine &
Catch Me If You Can OT9. It’s because I want to
make a ranking video when I did all of them OT9
and OT8. And these songs would make it difficult
to rank.

I know that I didn’t include songs like
‘Baby Baby’ but I tried to
include every important song or
title track of SNSD from 2007 to 2014
Outro: SHINee – Everybody

All rights reserved to SM Entertainment


  1. *MERRY CHRISTMAS* everbody!
    Edit: BTW you can vote again. Seohyun or Sunny next? 😀
    Edit2: Next line evolution will be about Seohyun! Results of the voting: Seohyun 75% Sunny 25%

  2. Pls Sunny ❣❣

  3. love it!!!

  4. My queen <3
    Do Seohyun pls

  5. Eventhough the video just counts from 2007 to 2014, she still longer than SooYulYoon lol

  6. My favorite part is Her high note and bridge in the boys

  7. Please make a line evolution with SHINee T-T <3

  8. Jonghyun please!!!

  9. Can you do Sunny plz

  10. You should have ranked Divine and CMIYC cuz she also singed in them. If we count Divine and CMIYC Jessica has 465,5.

  11. Every time i see sica with other members i feel like tearing up :”< T^T

  12. jessica make snsd song great

  13. Why 2:06 to 2:15genie is Jessica part ?They don’t sing together?

  14. And bad girl . My oh my . Baby baby . Galaxy supernova ……..

  15. ❄️❄️❄️ Our Ice Princess ❄️❄️❄️❄️

  16. Seohyun.

  17. people always say she lost it after 2012 but it has always been ups & downs since 2007

  18. Why are you not counting divine and catch me if you can?

  19. Paparazzi & Divine Was Definitely Her Era♥️

  20. When SinB was in GG Lmao

  21. I miss my Ice Princess!!!!

  22. Seohyun please

  23. Do sunny next