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  1. Sunny’s heart is just like SONE. I’m heartbroken the 3 are away but I understand why and am happy for them. I hope to see you 8 girls again in the future together. SONE love you sunny, you’re always there to help our soshi, so I hope you take time to comfort yourself too and stay strong <3

  2. Thank you so much! GG will always be together through their love and deep friendship

  3. sunny understands them so well, to let the other members do their future plans and pursue their dreams. shes so amazing

  4. Snsd is the reason why i love to listen kpop songs.. I love how their friendship thing, family bonding, how they were treats others member family like their own family.. How they support each others,, and what i want to say is, my family and Soshi is the reason how i become like today.. The successfull human being.. Thanks Soshi for the greatest things you guys show to us,, ur fans,, SONE.. We will together until 100years..

  5. I think sunny still wants girls generation to promote as a group but then again wants every member to be happy which for some members happiness would mean moving on from gg and starting something new. Theyll forever be icons , as long as they are happy and healthy im happy♡

  6. But snsd is different.
    that short sentence has a very long meaning , that’s why im very thankful that im a sone because they give us power as a woman , they gave us inspiration . Keep on fighting SONEs and lets support our girls

  7. That moment when you heard Jessica’s voice…

  8. Thank you for this. I’m crying. As a SONE no matter how much i want to keep them together, i also want them to be happy. SONE believes in SNSD.

  9. *I do believe she was referring to the members who left the company. Maybe Sooyoung wants to marry soon and it can affects the group and to the company so she had no choice and also about the drama projects. And Seohyun too. Seohyun had a dramas that had “one that got away” because SM turned dowm some projects for her that became hit. And Tiffany maybe wants to have a solo projects but SM maybe didn’t agree so she had no choice also. Sunny said that she wants what the other wants to do themselves but maybe she’s already happy and not to have a bold move like what the other 3 wants to do themselves so…*

  10. Oh gosh, its make me cry. Snsd bring happiness for my journey since last 2007. They are still 9 members in my heart.

  11. sunny just know that sone are always beside you i wish that snsd become.more stronge and we now that you will be amazing again love you

  12. soshis turns into emotional type when they are talking why or how they stayed or still be active for 10 long years and until now..i think they really feel sones love for them..proud to be sone

  13. Until my last day i still be a sone

  14. What variety show is this

  15. Sooyoung’s mom told Sones who visited her cafe that SNSD is planning a comeback in about 2019, so told them not to worry. In that case, all SNSD and Sones, let’s be brave and hope for that day. 🙂

  16. I cried, i love them so so much

  17. After hearing this, all of my questions are finally answered.

    When I heard that Jessica leave SNSD, I’m totaly broke coz you know it’s really hurts and asking myself why SNSD members doesn’t stop jessica to leave. And now Hearing the Rumor about 0T5 and SeoSooTiff are leaving in SM makes my heart more broke like I can’t imagine it, they’re knew as 9, they’re officially known as 9 not 8 nor 5, asking myself tho if why some members doesn’t stop SooSeoTiff leave in SM,they’re more than friends so why they not stop SEOSOOTIFF?!! But after hearing what Sunny’s explaination I understand why this all are happening to them, The truth is even They’re treating each other like a family they’re still respect each other decisions even it will hurts to all of them and to Sones. They’re still want each members have a freedom to do what they want coz they know that they were happy in that, they’re still understanding each other even it’s really difficult. Watching this video is made me cry, made me cry to how sunny really love and respect her ‘Sisters’♡ Thank you so much! Our queeny Aegyo sunny! For being here in snsd and the world ❤ we love you and we always support you sunny ♡!. You’re all truly precious and i’m so lucky that SNSD are my bias k-girl group ♡

  18. SNSD is the reason I became a Kpop fan. I started watching their videos in 2011 and recorded everything I could (MV’s, concerts, specials, variety shows, etc.) I knew they’d eventually each go their own way, but it’s saddening none the less. Forever Sone.

  19. To me, this is just another hurdle in snsd’s journey. They always had hard times from the start, the black ocean, the dating scandals of taeyeon,scandal of a member leaving etc. These were hard for snsd too, extremely hard, but they still pulled through. Snsd is really strong. Their bond too is so strong that they arent gonna let the group die so easily.The members all said it themselves in interviews especially yuri saying she thinks snsd activities will happen with no doubt.So i really do believe that snsd is gonna overcome this hurdle and make history for kpop again by proving that multi agencies collaboration snsd is possible. Also,didnt sooyoung’s mum said snsd plans to release a album in 2019/2020? Sones,Lets all wait for the girls .

  20. Thank you for the subs ❤❤

  21. i hope new year SNSD will be eventually always forever.. don’t cry my sunny bunny because we will always support SNSD forever and ever hopefully miracle will be come to they

  22. When Sunny said “they feel like it’s their fault. ” my heart broke into pieces. I thought of all their hardship they went through and shts they put up just for us and for them to stand strong.. it’s not soshi’s fault it’s okay for them to pursue their dreams now they already showed us how strong their bond is and that’s already enough to assure us we’re okay, we will be fine. I believe in them, sones believe in them. It’s right now, tomorrow and forever snsd right?

  23. Sunny has been looking sad and seems to have a hard time ever since jessica left snsd. I know she understand the other members, but i also hope she doesnt feel lonely and always has someone to talk to.

  24. While I do believe in Sunny’s friendship with the rest of OT8, I still have a hard time believing in the SNSD bond as OT9 since 2014. I just…every time I think how everyone accepted the departure of Seohyun, Tiffany and Sooyoung…versus Jessica being kicked out…I just have a hard time with that Soshi bond…