GIRLS`GENERATION(少女時代) – ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU (without Jessica) [Line Comparison]
Song: SNSD – All My Love Is For You (with Jessica)

Song: SNSD – All My Love Is For You (without Jessica)

Outro: Pristin – We Like

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  1. I think they compensated Jessica well in this song because they splitted the parts well among the members and not just giving Tiffany and Taeyeon Jessica’s parts. But personally, I would have given Sooyoung the first line of Jessica because she already sings least in OT9 version and her voice would have suited the part as well. 😀

  2. lol damn, positions still the samexD

  3. I love yoonA cover ♡♡

  4. 1st

  5. I hate how Sooyoung & Hyoyeon were literally the two last ones in OT9 with literally NO solo part (Sooyoung shares all her parts with Yoona, Hyoyeon with Yuri and Sunny…) and they still didn’t give them anything. Fuck you SM.