Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Tiffany is having a lot of fun with tattoos.

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  1. Let me book my appointment!

  2. Really ? omo unnie tiffany u are so talented

  3. you go tiffany very skilled i’m proud of you and of ABIZ ENG BUZZ for calling her SNSD’s Tiffany

  4. She is bad

    A badass ( compliment) tattoo artist I have ever seen

  5. Tiffany, can you do my tattoos?

  6. Okay I never see anything hot more than this why are you doing this to me Tiffany ?

  7. She and Taeyeon both have quite a few small tattoo’s in various places on them.

  8. Pink princess

  9. She’s adorable, and her new tattoo is really pretty. Simple but pretty

  10. Woww Nice I am so proud!!

  11. Wow!! I like your new tattoo (Flower)!!..and I love you Unnie Tiffany (SNSD)

  12. i love her tattoos

  13. Its so cute I love it

  14. First.