LEARN KPOP: Girls’ Generation SNSD Members Profile, Voices, Looks 2016 [SNSD REACTION]

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  1. YASSS finally my queeeeeeens. Along with Red Velvet and EXID this is my bias group. They are all so funny and talented and really versatile. There are a lot of variety shows and funny compilation videos of them to keep you entertained for ages.
    Just to give you a little more information that this video on them all individually:
    Taeyeon (my ultimate bias) – She’s also debuted as a soloist and her voice is really soothing and her solos songs are mostly acoustic ballads and they’re really pretty. She’s really tiny and adorable and has an amazing laugh. She’s gotten a lot of hate for stupid reasons over the past couple of years so she’s become a bit quieter than she was when they first debuted but she’s still really funny and lovely.
    Jessica – She is nicknamed the “ice princess” because she’s kind of intimidating and when she tells jokes it usually doesn’t land well, but she still can be really funny in her own special way. In order to get to know her personality better than it’s best to watch early reality shows the girls did like ‘Hello Baby’ and ‘SNSD and The Dangerous Boys’. Her voice really sweet and she had a higher range than Taeyeon which is why she was also a main vocalist. She has the larger range while Taeyeon has the stronger voice.
    Sunny – She’s arguably the cutest member, her nickname is the Aegyo Queen because she used to use aegyo in most of the shows they appeared, although she’s toned it down now. Sunny is extremely funny, and over the years her humour has become very blunt and to the point which makes it even better.
    Tiffany (bias wrecker) – Has the prettiest smile one ever did see. She also has debuted as a soloist, and her title track that she realised was very 80s inspired, western sounding. It’s a really good bop that I recommend. Tiffany is just really cute and sweet and is a VERY hard worker. She was on Season 1 of a show called Sister’s Slam Dunk where you really see her lovely, bright personality shine, although she’s only in half of the season. If you look up the reason why you’ll be able to read about that.
    Hyoyeon – While Taeyeon is a huge inspiration to vocalists, Hyoyeon is the dancing counterpart, a lot of new generation dance lines look up to her as one of the best female dancers in Kpop. Hyoyeon is extremely savage and always has been. She has had a solo debut as well, where she has put her rapping skills to more use, so her music is a different vibe to the likes of Taeyeon and Tiffany and they really allow her to stand out.
    Yuri (bias wrecker) – She recently released an SM station song with Raiden called Always Find You and it’s an amazing song. Yuri is arguably one of the funniest members, and is very good with physical comedy. She does a lot of funny dances and impressions and pulls funny faces. Her personality really shines on SNSD’s weekly idol episode, which I recommend you react to.
    Sooyoung (bias) – She was my first bias. Honestly, she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in my life and I thought she was some kind of super model when I first saw her. She is very tall compared to the other girls and has long, gorgeous legs. Sooyoung is extremely savage, and is again known as one of the funniest members. She does really funny impressions and has a very unique, hilarious Aegyo that she does a lot.
    Yoona – Has become very well-known for her acting in dramas. She’s seen as one of the best Kpop visuals by a lot of people, but on top of that her variety skills are amazing. She’s a very charming person, and is very funny. In Korea, she seems to be the most popular member along with Taeyeon. 
    Seohyun – Has had a solo debut and does a lot of acting in musical theatre. Now that Jessica is no longer in the group, I would personally say the Seohyun has the 2nd best voice in the group behind Taeyeon. Seohyun’s humour is somewhat unintentional, she’s a really cute, sweet person which fits in with her being the maknae. She is a bit of a health nut though, so it’s kind of a running gag of her’s to tell the other girls that they need to eat healthy and exercise otherwise they will die earlier than they should. Yuri said recently that Seohyun is one of the funniest girls because she isn’t actually funny, and that makes the things she does funny. That is kind of true. Seohyun is funny, just most of the time it’s unintentional.

  2. It was my first kpop group so I have lots of love T-T

  3. react to snsd you think please

  4. The songs in order were Lion Heart, Party, I Got A Boy, Run Devil Run & Genie

  5. Snsd is one of the most important groups in South Korea, and they have an immense legacy both inside and outside of Korea for K-pop. Several groups that came later respect them a lot, and also draw inspiration from them so they can grow and improve as artists. If you watch this video it will help you to understand a little about the group =)
    Girls’ Generation/SNSD – The Reasons why they are LEGEND – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NypiMj7lD2Y

  6. Snsd were the queens of the 2nd generation of kpop girl groups. They debuted in 2007 so they’ve been in the game for over 10 years. (just a FYI kpop is currently on it’s 3rd generation with groups like twice mamamoo blackpink etc) The girls were such trendsetters that after they released their first major hit “gee” Korea was overcome by a colored skinny jean craze because that was what they wore for their concept. There were also numerous dance covers of the song that went viral similar to the wonder girls who started a “tell me” craze prior to that. It’s actually kind of a bummer because before the wondergirls left for America they were constantly compared to girls generation as two of the top rival girl groups and honestly the wondergirls had better results. It wasnt until 2009 when the wondergirls were out of the korean music scene and snsd released “gee” that they truly achieved their national girl group/ “no. 1 girl group” status. But after that they never looked back and continued to be kpop powerhouses never looking back and achieving hit after hit. Wondergirls remain a fond memory but snsd truly did dominate the 2nd generation


  8. Your finally reacting to the queens of kpop <3 they were my first Kpop girl group and my fav girl group along with twice <3 please do more SNSD reaction videos