SNSD – Into The New World [SNSD REACTION]

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  1. i see snsd in the title my face immediately lit up 😀

  2. you should react to the ballad version that they did at tokyo dome or on sketchbook. after jessica left they stopped doing it with the dance and slowed it down. it’s really beautiful

  3. into the new world ballad version live is really amazing. it was at tokyo dome i believe and the first time performing it after jessica was dismissed from the group. also you should react to taeyeon – devil’s cry (any performance is fine also idk if you can pinpoint who taeyeon was in this but she did the big high notes and also had the short brown/blonde hair)

  4. Yes I am glad you started with their debut song. You know SNSD has 4 important versions of this song you HAVE TO check out!
    -The MV
    -another live perfomance that is different because of the way they start the song
    -the remix version in which they focus on even more dancing
    -lastly the ballad version that they started performing after Jessica’s departure instead of the original
    The Tokyo Dome version symbolizes a lot and they even dedicated it to Jessica

    Personally I would wait until the ballad version because you get the full effect when you are completely into SNSD

  5. you could react to the members solos too.
    Hyoyeon – wannabe
    Seohyun – Don’t say no
    Jessica – Summer storm
    Taeyeon – Why, Rain…
    Yuri- Always find you
    Yoona- When the wind blows
    Tiffany- I just wanna dance

  6. you can react to Taeyeon’s I or UR.Taeyeon is the leader and main vocalist of snsd

  7. Can you react to Taeyeon- UR? This is the link of UR performance

  8. Even though I agree that you should react to the ballad version of Into The New World, I think that it would be too early for you right now. I suggest to go in order of their released title tracks, including their Japanese title tracks because those are so damn catchy. This way you would see how the group matured with their music.

    Also dont forget the members individual songs

  9. I have too many suggestions, but maybe consider watching Taeyeon’s (cover of) Hush Hush and/or Devil’s Cry (has multiple live stages)?
    Hush Hush:

  10. you should react to the ballad version of INTW
    Also, all SM groups have AMAZING vocals, especially the older groups, like Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD and EXO, too
    They always have 3 main vocalist-level vocalists and other who are still better than some other companies’ main vocalists

  11. Please react SNSD – Etude or It’sFantastic in Concert

  12. Vocal queens

  13. please reactto their music video in order from debut until now 🙂
    Into the New World
    Girls Generation
    Kissing You
    Way To Go
    Run Devil Run
    Mr Taxi
    The Boys
    Time Machine
    All My Love is for you
    I Got A Boy
    Love & Girls
    Catch Me IF You Can
    Lion Heart
    All Night

  14. You should do the ballad version later

  15. the MV version of this is also worth your time. If only for the lyrics. I think that unlike some groups the lyrics pretty much always match the video with these girls.

  16. This song has one of the hardest choreography of girl groups, all the time the girls dance while they sing and have no time to breathe right. o.O

  17. Please react to snsd into the new world ballad version please

  18. please react to SNSD ‘YOU THINK’ mv , it’s badass concept and they killed the high notes in this one , believe me u r gonna like it.

  19. woooow finally first reaction to SNSD’s mv I was so excited the whole vedio….u must watch the best live of INTO THE NEW WORLD they got some really bاeautiful harmonies in this one . check it out

  20. the song from 2007… i always wanna cry everytime i listen to this song…

  21. I recommended fully understanding the songs meaning since that is the biggest part as to why its so significant. So search up the lyrics. Because of its meaning into the new world has been used by many university students to support protests against corruption.

  22. SAME GURL SAME~~~~

  23. you’re so precious ♥♥ thank you for your reaction ^^ i love everyone who likes SNSD ^^
    btw you should react to the ballad version of INTW ♥ (with tissues lol)