f(x)’s Krystal has a drastic new haircut and she looks even more m★ture than ever!

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[Source] http://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/ready-krystal-looks-like-jessicas-older-sister-new-mature-hairstyle/
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  1. She still look beautiful

  2. She looks like YOONA twin… now that YOONA has short hair too!!!… OMO!!!… SM artist are so BEAUTIFUL, but the COMPANY is TRASH!!!….

  3. Jessica and krystal so beautiful and cute!…

  4. she looks like Nocchi from PERFUME group

  5. They are both beatiful

  6. In those first two pictures and that shot with the toque more like Jessica’s Emo older brother.

  7. her shoulder look so broad with the hairstyle.

  8. She does

  9. Comeback??? pls

  10. jungsis ♥️

  11. krystal look like a boy

  12. She looks like a boy.

  13. she looks like a boy