Girls’ Generation 소녀시대 ‘Holiday’ MV + ‘All Night’ MV (Clean Ver.) [SNSD REACTION]

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Holiday MV:
All Night MV:

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  1. pls reac SNSD – my oh my , all my love is for you , time machine , Say yes

  2. I love my queens pls snsd Galaxy supernova

  3. Please react to Mr.Mr. Japanese ver live at phantasia tour ..the performance is just FKRJFKWNDNS FIIIIRE

  4. taeyeon devil’s cry please

  5. React to SNSD and Taeyeon’s live performances from their concerts

  6. Thanks for checking out SNSD and TTS. I recommend to watch their solo stuff! You already checked out Taeyeon’s debut MV “I”, so you can check out her other stuff like “Why” & “Fine” when you get a chance. Tiffany and Jessica solo debuted around the same time so I hope you can check out Tiffany’s “I Just Wanna Dance” and Jessica’s “Fly”. And lastly, Seohyun is the last member who had an official debut with “Don’t Say No” in 2017.

  7. Woooooooow snsd on the top
    Watch snsd live plzzzzz

  8. Please react to Tiffany’s “Heartbreak Hotel” i think you will like it ⚡

  9. snsd – flower power, mr. taxi, my oh my


  11. On 18/04 Hyoyeon is going to release her new single Sober . please react to it !!!

  12. SNSD CATCH ME IF YOU CAN .It was released in 2015 ,and has a powerful dance.

  13. I preferred All Night

  14. When I watched this with you I really enjoyed this. Back when it released I liked the fact there was new snsd mv footage ,but the MVs actually didnt win me over as much until I saw their liveperfomance which I highly request for you to watch.I would recommend for you watching all the teasers as well for their tenth anniversary in eng sub it is really cute! The teaser for all night actually sounded a bit different than the finished product.(maybe before you watch a new MV you could watch their teasers for any MV-not necessarly reacting- because this might hype you up as well and lets you experience more with anticipation)

  15. If I would request you to watch any snsd concert live perfomance then I would start with Run Devil Run, TOP Reflection at Tokyo Dome it is around 10minutes


  17. In “holiday” they put some references from their other MV’s like in 0:59 -Gee- reference :’)

  18. Please react SNSD – Say Yes, etude, snowy wish, it’s fantastic in their concert and Genie in the best live in tokyo dome

  19. Please reaction to taeyeon “i got love”..please

  20. React to snsd’s party and lion heart !!!

  21. Please reacts to Girls Generation Live performance or concerts, beacause it’s always epic.

    or maybe you can watch this video ; GIRLS’ GENERATION – TOP 15 EPIC LIVE PERFORMANCE (JPN VER) Part 1

  22. Please react to taeyeon -UR @ Butterfly kiss

  23. Please react to taeyeon and tiffany ‘lost in love’ live performance. Taeyeon vocal so great in that performance.

  24. Please react to Taeyeon’s I got Love, I’m all ears, Rain, Fine.

  25. You should react to the comeback stage of holiday and all night

  26. PLS PLS PLS react to DODAENG! IOI Doyeon and Yoojung theyre so cuteeee specifically the video Dodaeng- I love you, Tiamo

  27. ^_^

  28. Still waiting for All Night (Dirty ver.)