SNSD: We Are The Funniest Girl Group Like This [SNSD REACTION]

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  1. U might like SNSD intimate note but you probably will have to uploaded on Dailymotion bc of copyright but if, you don’t mind that, u totally need to react to it, it’s kind of old, but hilarious, is basically SNSD dissing each other

  2. I love my girls <3 thanks for your reacts about them 🙂

  3. Please try to react to jung sis JESSICA anD KRYSTAL catfight and dart scene

  4. React to SHINee Minho Keseki Live Tokyo Dome please..

  5. Please reaction to why mamamoo’s hwasa k-pop’s queen of stage

  6. Twice What is love? – dance video for once ver.

  7. React snsd mr mr tokyo dome

  8. Coooooool