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    ‘Video Star’Master of Talking Sunny Joined as MC… First Filming After Reformat

    [Sport Chosun]
    ‘Video Star’ In the middle of their huge scale reformat, ‘Video
    Star’ is having Girls Generation’s Sunny to join them for
    stronger comeback image.
    Sunny joined the
    first filming site after reformat as the new MC and she became the
    master of talking. Sunny said, ‘I will reveal all of Unnies who are
    filled with Yin energy with my cheerful image and full packed Yang
    energy.’ Her confident resolution gave a lot of bright energy to
    the studio.
    Even though it’s
    the first filming for her, Sunny showed a great sense of talking and
    mature mcing for the show. Especially on ‘Video Star’s Corner
    named ‘Make Jeon Yuseong Laugh’, she received a lot of praises
    from other MCs with her sacrificing mind and unexpected gag sense.
    However on the famous gag corner ‘People in The Big House’, she
    experienced a misfortune by falling down when she can’t stand well
    wearing the doll’s costume. She also got a hammer toy party as a
    welcome party for being the new MC. Sunny said, ‘My brain seems
    bloated now,’ and her image losing her mind after getting harsh
    attack by the hammer toy gave a big laugh successfully.
    Sunny’s various
    way to adapt as ‘Video Star’ MC and her sweet yet savage mcing
    skill can be seen on May 1st 8:30 PM on ‘Video Star’.

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