Yoona expression when seeing Hyori opened up her coat to show off her chest is as “hot” as this epic moment.

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  1. What do u mean by “Flat chested yoona”? She’s not even THAT flat

  2. She’s gorgeous but that chest is not THAT big

  3. Yoona’s reaction is sooo cute

  4. This is funny as hell

  5. Lee Hyori is so gorgeous omg omg

  6. Hyori proved to everyone that looks and physique doesn’t mean everything when it comes to love

  7. Why do u feel the need to include “flat chested yoona” in the title? Wtf thats so rudr


  9. Pretty sure if Hyori did this in front of me, I’ll react like Hani instead.

  10. I feel like the title of this is kinda rude, she’s not flat or large, she’s just Yoon a and perfect the way she is.

  11. is that really her husband

  12. She looks like Kourtney Kardasim from those spoofs lmaoo

  13. I Knew it Hyori’s a Slut

  14. hm…

  15. oh wow.

  16. she better not see mine then, poor thing would fall over backwards lmao – that title is strange btw

  17. It must suck having everyone calling your flat chested goddess smh ppl aren’t considerate at all

  18. Queen hyori

  19. She’s so cute

  20. She’s so Funny, Cute, Lovable and most of all she’s so beautiful!..

  21. I’ve seen Asian girls with thickness and large natural breast, trust. So, yes, Yoona is flat. Some girls can make it work, as in her. She’s not the only female idol who’s flat chested as well. There’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. I sometimes wish I was flat chested or back to the smallest C size, guess it’s all about money to make that happen lol.

  22. Lmfao this is hilarious asf :”)

  23. *So this news…?*

  24. Hyori is so sexy