Girls’ Generation (SNSD) lets no distance come between the sisterhood they have!

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  1. Ot8 forever!!!!! I swear if I see another “5 in our eyes 9 in our hearts” comment I’m gonna flip a table! Tiffany, Seohyun and Sooyoung have said it themselves that their still part of GG along with the members from SM, Hyoyeon literally confirmed it twice in two separate interviews after her comeback that their focusing on individual activities for now but they WILL comeback together. They all have SNS accounts follow them to get info. Instead of acting like the girls are done maybe have a little faith and listen to them?

  2. But what about Jessica? Deleted from history just like that?

  3. I love soshibond. The best ❤

  4. When Jessica was in LA, i never asked why she never updated with Tiffany. So now why all of you asking “where is Jessica? she doesn’t exist anymore? Deleted from history just like that? bla..bla..bla..”
    Oh come on… We do not know what’s going on behind the camera, we do not know the true story. So stop making assume and stop the negativity!! Let’s support both sides.

  5. Except taeyeon she is not desperate

  6. I thought sicca unne was there I’m so happy if she was there ot9 forever

  7. “home” will always stay in your heart no matter how far you travel the world…

  8. Love them

  9. Third comment

  10. sunkyu pics incoming
    her bday is tom btw

  11. Just waiting for TaeNy’s turn.

  12. K,since SeoSooNy left a SM i have this question, since Seo, Soo and Tiff aren’t under SM and their rules doesn’t that mean that they can talk about OT9 and Jessica? Lmao why I’m even asking this?

  13. Fany the glue that holds SNSD together ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Tiffuri
    Tiffany and yuri

  15. One word i say this group could be “LOVE”!..and also they love, remember, and they’re miss each other…

  16. Soshi bond is seriously so beautiful wish I had that Squad!!!!!!!!

  17. But where is Jessica,are they quarreled?

  18. this is so sweet honestly..

  19. i envy them, and not in a bad way, but to have had such wonderful lives, and may they all continue to do so. bless them all.

  20. snsd forever.

  21. It’s fun to hung out with Tiffany.. She knows how to entertain you “-“

  22. where is jessica?