Controversy Rises As Chinese Show Edits & Portrays SNSD’s Seohyun & Son Ye Jin As Deceased!
A Chinese show portrays Seohyun and Son Ye Jin as deceased.
via: KV


  1. So basically it was someone’s job to come up with the photos, either pay for headshots or create them with photoshop. Seems they were lazy and copy/pasted random pretty asian girls off the Internet.

  2. What nonsense is this?!!

  3. I really dont know what to say about that thought. Not even what to think, it, it just sucks, yeah it really sucks lol

  4. Just what made them think that was okay?…they really lack maturity and manners

    They just went through another round of humiliation for unsuccessfully trying to get all countries to rate they own Taiwan yet they treat the people like shit but demand “respect” and “ownership”

  5. WTH why ??? That’s so wrong but really weird. How does some come up with such an idea ??

  6. wtf is this

  7. They r not using their mind…as if they don’t know that these two actresses are very famous not only in Korea but in international also so they shud be careful for using and editing the pictures of these celebrities especially these two artist r truly respected in Korea…


  9. They cant blame people for hating chinese, theres always a reason

  10. DF is this???

  11. what’s that for?

  12. WTF is wrong with those chinese ?
    well,some of them.

  13. Y though?

  14. What?!

  15. Wtf? What about the actual deceased people, this is disrespectful to them and their loved ones…

  16. What the heck! The disrespect

  17. Such BS. They should apologize and not make stupid excuses.

  18. Is it that hard to do your job nowadays?

  19. WTF?! Thanks China, you scared the sh** out of me for a minute there!

  20. The show should be shut down! What got in their head when they photoshopped Seohyun & Son Ye Jin?

  21. Chinese people.. we all know what they are good at so yeah.. not new anymore

  22. Ok, little lost here.
    Why are they being shown as dead on the show?

  23. Very disrespectful to the ngg

  24. oh.oh…not my Seobaby

  25. Seohyun

  26. Nice heroine