Here’s how each SNSD member ended up becoming part of group ! Check out their individual success stories – Part 1 ( Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun, Jessica )!

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  1. Yey, you include jessica

  2. I was really confused who was Yoona and Yuri back then

  3. OT9 iz real!

  4. Jessica is the first official member of snsd to sign under sm ent..

  5. Thank you for OT9, also this girls got hit by puberty so hard and I’m realizing when will Puberty hit me? T^T

  6. Jessica was the first trainee to be chosen as the official member

    Then there’s Hyoyeon Sooyoung Yuri Yoona Seohyun
    And the others came after that

  7. Oh m gosh taengsic 6:25.. I don’t know but everytime I am seeing a photo of them together it makes me miss them and wanting to make it happen again.. 🙁

  8. I love u snsd

  9. I clicked because of Jessica.

  10. How i wish some stranger came to me to ask if i can be an artist or somethin like that.
    But most of them came to me just the lost person and asked some adress

  11. The are real Show girls!!

  12. I saw jessica, I clicked!

  13. Our girls are so precious

  14. iirc yoona was in a drama before SNSD debut

  15. Girls’ Generation now and forever more thats all i have to say

  16. Why was yuri wasnt popular as yoona? Yuri is visually strong she was one of the visuals in snsd back then together with yoona and stella kim and she was praised a lot too back in their rookie days for being pretty. Is it because korea changed their beauty standards to fair skin, tiny face and skinny?

  17. From beautiful to Goddess then legend. Well, that’s only SNSD

  18. Back then when looks weren’t important but real talent and character .

  19. Jessica, first girl in, first girl out.


  21. I love them all equally, but I miss Sica the most. :/

  22. Yoona the first added. GGWP. That’s why she’s the visual


  24. uri soshi

  25. Wow..Jessica is here! it..

  26. All of our queens the legendary unique and very talented!..