3 Things About Girls Generation ‘s Taeyeon Will Make You Cry So Much !

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[Source] https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/3-things-never-knew-taeyeon-thatll-make-cry/

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  1. I want to give her a big warm hug

  2. I love you queen taeyeon and I miss you so much!

  3. I love Taeyeon so much

  4. Taeyeon, S❤NE will always be here now and forever!!

  5. Kim taeyeon is ♥

  6. The second one made me cry, literally

  7. I love her so much. Shes been through alot and im glad that shes got the fame she deserved.

  8. Kim Taeyeon is the reason why I know Kpop. You are my queen and always will be. I love you Taengoo. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. All those things toughened our kid leader up. She takes absolutely ZERO shit from people now.
    At the end of her Christmas concert, she talked at length with her fans about Jonghyun, and she promised us that she would continue to sing for us for a long time, because making us happy makes *her* happy.
    I can die happy after I got to see her live back in September of last year.
    SO looking forward to her new mini-album on the 18th!
    We love you, Taengoo!

  10. We literally do not deserve Taeyeon.
    I will forever love her and her music ♡♡♡

  11. And look where haters made her now! Stronger, influential and better! When taeyeon alone can top down most of K-Pop groups now. Can’t even wait for SNSD’s comeback. ❤

  12. I hope and pray that Taeyeon will continue to be strong. I don’t want to cry with her and I don’t want her to cry anymore. No more tears for a woman with inner strength and knows she is facing life with courage. Fans will stay with her to make her happy just as she tries her best to make everyone happy. I learned to love Jonghyun because I know he was special to her. Anyone she loves, I also love. I’m an international fan so I could not face those people who hurt her but there are other means to find justice…like standing on her side no matter what the consequences may be. Keep on smiling, Taeyeon and keep on singing because music is your passion and listening to you is our passion. Remember we always support you!

  13. She is trying to be strong let’s support her she deserve it

  14. i remember during the airport incident in Indonesia, she was still worried about her fans… i think she went to Instagram (or some other form of social media) to express that she was scared for herself because she was being touched and grabbed by so many different people. she wrote that she cried and was shaking the whole way through the airport because she was so scared. then she expressed her worry for the fans who were there. the same fans who were violently grabbing at her… she expressed that she worried for their health because she was afraid some of her fans are fallen and had gotten stepped on and such… even through something like that where she feared for her safety, she still cared for her fans.

    and that Christmas concert… i remember she had like a mini giveaway and a fan asked if they could have the little tree beside her. she then refused and asked to keep it because the tree was given to her by Jonghyun before he passed. after that came out, haters started accusing her of using Jonghyun’s death as a way to garner attention to herself. but then other male idols were doing similar things to remember Jonghyun, and they were praised for it (illogical hate AND double standards? that’s real cute).

    i don’t understand the hate that is directed at Taeyeon, but i guess the more famous you are, the more haters you have. but alternatively, the more famous you are, the more fans you have. we’re always here for you Taeyeon… never forget that <3

  15. Our queen Kim Taeyeon!..and she’s my forever love and I’m always support here and all GG’s memebers!..OT9 SONE FOREVER!..I LOVE YOU QUEEN TAEYEON.FIGHTING

  16. Me and Taeyeon have the same personality and have the same hate from other people, but no matter what flaws she have or any scandal the she would be through, I will always be at her side no matter what. I don’t get why would people can’t just let her be… she didn’t even do anything wrong to you people and you don’t even know her true personality. So please just shut the fck up

  17. I think it was “I don’t like being alone but I want to be alone”

  18. But yet she received a lot of Hates from k-netz. Aw my poor taenggoo

  19. *_태연아, 우리가 너를 외롭지않게 해줄게._*

    _(Taeyeon-ah, we will not let you be lonely.)_

    SONEs, Golden Stars, and all kpop fans, let’s support our babies and refrain from hating other idols as much as possible. Thank you.

  20. Back again do you guys so me in every video.