Former SNSd Member Jessica teamed up with this rising talent and ended up on SM ENT’s model page!

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  1. Now the only next step is to make Jessica sign a contract in SMent and the 3 girls too hahaha oh my dream OT9 its still possible right

  2. Now if only SM would lift the ban on her performing in music shows, I would be very happy…

  3. Sm if u take back jessica we didnt mad but we are very happy so please….we want a ori snsd

  4. Cool Nice to know

  5. Ironic considering that Jess was kicked out of Sm in favor of the brand..

  6. they are best friends lmao

  7. Irene is model under SM subsidiary company, SM C&C.. and ofc its not a problem for SM main company

  8. Meh…Irene is very close to Jessica, you see them hanging out together often on Instagram

  9. All these fans wanting Jessica to comeback to SM/SNSD…i said “HELL NO!” Jessica is a woman with dignity…She’s a victim and a Survivor!!! She build her own brand from scratch…this 8 girls not even got her back and pretending the 9th girls never exist.

    I’m a GoldenSONE.

  10. just wait until the the other 5 girls who still in sm made a comeback and wear blanc and eclare as a mv / stage outfit

  11. Lol… Hell freezes over!

  12. Do what you want 🙂 as long it’s not go back to SM

  13. so let’s analyze e situation right who wanted her out the girls or the company…decide for your self…the truth is before you

  14. Dose SM get paid every time they give us fake hope bc that would explain a lot


  16. Who said SM hates Jessica? They’re not going to completely shun her just because she left SNSD. She was a trainee and idol under SM for years and was loved by them.

  17. I like some clothes that she wore but most of her clothes are plain and too expensive.

  18. Im guessing partly because of MONEY… its still business…

  19. Now that she’s debutingand successful in america and now this is happening? Hahaha weird..

  20. Oh our Ice Princess Jessica! You are totally a fashionable!..I miss you jessica.

  21. Last year, red velvet wore blanc and eclare too for live performance

  22. omg i wait for this

  23. You guys arguing about everything while me simply “ it’s all business, nothing’s personal “ Everything happened because of important business decisions made by all parties involved since the day Jessica’s departure. Sm and all the girls are business minded people. They been in the industry for quite awhile so they know what come first as priorities. And they were professional enough not to mix any business matter with personal matters. What have been potrayed for public such as media statements for us not necessarily true. Media statement or “ot8 treated like Jessica never existed “ if that what you called was mainly because they want to prevent more damages to the brands involved (SM, SNSD, Jessica, B&E) or might as well created hype to promote all the brands more. Marketing yall. Friendship and all are important but these are work matters. It always comes first. Just like us in our normal daily life. We have bestfriends too but when it comes to money, there is always some lines drawn there and important life decisions making. Sorry for the bad english.

  24. Blanc & Eclare would be so extra-beyond success if it’s Blanc & Eclare × Irene of Red Velvet, or Blanc & Eclare × Red Velvet, or Blanc & Eclare × Girls’ Generation ugh

  25. Yasss jessicaaaaaaa❤️❤️❤️