On 3rd November, SNSD’s maknae Seohyun finally posted a long letter on Instagram, officially speaking about her leave-or-stay with SNSD and her future path.
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  1. Well looks like she has grown faster than her UNNIES they must be so proud, and even if she is not there with SNSD all the time she will be and always an SNSD member, just like Jessica because history cannot be changed in the the past

  2. Just like snsd members stay
    for soshi and sone, so will sone for them too!

  3. So she is still in Snsd just not with SM?

  4. for the haters out there, GIRL’S GENERATION WILL NEVER DIE..

  5. Another proof that it is possible to leave SM but stay as a member of SNSD. Many people just wayy too negative, thinking that leaving SM means leaving SNSD automatically.
    SNSD is not a group that is bond by contract alone. SNSD is a legendary name they can use until they have children and grandchildren.