When asked, “Is Taeyeon still de5perate?”, Tiffany cleared the air by explaining why fans think Taeyeon is de5perate to see her…

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[Source] https://www.koreaboo.com/news/tiffany-desperate-see-taeyeon/
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  1. We need TTS comeback

  2. Taeny is real

  3. they barely meet each other nowadays because of their schedule. i hope they can manage to meet each other again. i miss seeing them together!!

  4. Aww I miss them together. Taeyeon must miss her mushroom hahaha


  6. The desperate couple

  7. “We are desperate for each other.”

    GEEZ. Keep it in your pants, Tiff.

  8. Lesbiannnn maybee???we don’t know

  9. Taeny confirmed


  11. I’m volunteering myself as mistress

  12. awwww so adorable!!! ofc there are hubby & wifey kkkkkkkk..miss TaeNy so so muchhh!!!!!!

  13. *gay scream*

  14. Over my skin

  15. My little gay heart is screaming!!

  16. Love taeny

  17. 태연씨 티파니씨 엉~겸사겸사 해외일 잘보고 왔는지 궁금하네~
    나의 맘에는 언제나 우리 SNSD의 그누구도 마음이
    나의 마음에서 벗어나지
    않으리라 믿고 있어
    날 그렇게 아끼는 태연씨와
    티파니씨와 모두 잊지않아
    소중한 사람들임에 분명하기에 더더우기 소중함을 확실하게 느껴
    또 나를 향한 그대들의 고운맘에 TV로 폰으로 이
    명도를 보낸다.♥이젠 고운맘 으로 보도록 해 응~

  18. Oohhhh i understand

  19. I miss both of them so much! ❤️ in fact I miss Soshi and TaeTiSeo too. But I miss TaeNy and Tiffany this most! ❤️❤️❤️ Comeback soon ❤️❤️

  20. when i was 10 years YOUNGer than Tiff is now, my favorite band was an english band called the animals, and they did their version of a traditional blues song, “GIN HOUSE BLUES”. so in honor of that band and in honor of me, i suggest the fandom be named THE GIN HOUSE HABITUES. gimme my gin. or maybe THE ROBERTAS.