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Credit to my buddy from FunnyLeech – Kpop Metal for making the metal version of ‘As If It’s Your Last’ by BlackPink. He gave me permission to use it for my intro for the show. Check it out here:

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  1. I’m so sorry about Sebastians audio. He accidently recorded his voice through his laptop mic rather than his recording mic
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  2. It’s so nice to see someone reacting to SNSD – Girl’s Generation

  3. You should react to SNSD’s Way To Go and Devil’s Cry + Run Devil Run.

  4. They should react to Run Devil Run and You think

  5. Girls’ Generation. My girls. My love. GG❤
    React to itnw ballad version please^^

  6. please react snsd catch me if you can

  7. I love snsd concepts and how they experiment~ also Girl’s Generation was a remake I guess? or did they buy the rights idk, but the song was basically made for them it fit their image and message at the time and also like the name too! I loved that song.

  8. I would love for them to react to more IU’s songs because I really like their reaction for her previous music and other artist as well. You can choose ‘You and I’ for the old video and ’23’ for the new one. ‘Dwlmra’ and Dear Name (Melon Performance) is a good choices as well.

  9. Genie + run devil run + all night+ holiday+ paparazzi + mr taxi jpn ver. + bad girl + itnw og,ballad + mrmr “not so generic”

  10. react to snsd’s you think and catch me if you can please

  11. Thank you guys, i hope one day you can react again to B.A.P :Warrior, No Mercy, Angel, Skydive or Wake me Up

  12. please rect to mamamoo starrynight,yes i am,your the best, piano man

  13. mamamoo please

  14. please react to catch me if you can, you think, run devil run, party, divine, time machine, and mr mr

  15. Nice reaction.
    Please react to more k-pop.
    EXO – Drop that and Power

  16. Lion heart = Lying heart…
    Get it?..
    There was no need for the lion to take off his mask b/c that’s who he really was.. a lying heart.


  18. I really love them so Much. Wholesome group. Irreplaceable

  19. Hello!!! I love your reaction videos 🙂 uhm, Can I have a request? please react to UNi.T’s No more and UnB’s Feeling and black Heart:) You’all gonna love it 🙂 thank you! take care :)))

  20. Just so you know that the first mv SNSD – Girls Generation was actually a remake from a rock song with same tittle name. Their company SM, bought the right from its original singer/rocker which produce the song.

  21. Please do react again to Girls’ Generation song.

  22. More stray kids plss~~ thanks