Not only criticized for her poor group management but Taeyeon is also called a puppet leader due to her letting Tiffany overshadow her during the promotion activities.

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  1. It’s also important for a leader to have an impact and an impressing image and I think that’s what Taeyeon has!

  2. *You guys do know the media always twists things and messes it up for drama and attention. Tiffany would never make Taeyeon look bad, she probably didnt even mean it like that.*

  3. They both have leader vibes, and this mostly seems like a joke among a married couple. 🙂

  4. I swear K-Netz are the bottom of the barrel trash. ALWAYS hatting on Taeyeon and ALWAYS hating on Tiffany, is this not their way of trying to shit on both at the same time? Well sorry but TaeNy are far to mature and close to turn on each other.
    That was clearly a joke a stupid writer took too seriously with out giving proper contex that Tiffany is not the REAL leader, she just does a shit tone of work Leaders should be doing. And Taeyeon is a just fine leader, always has been.

  5. lol tiffany didnt even write it much less saw it the writer must have mistaken it. taeyeon is the best leader out there people sones know how caring taeyeon can be stop adding problems for her shes already recovering from depression

  6. What a random video lol

  7. Taeyeon is a PERFECT leader all SONES knows that!… and a leader doesnt always mean shes the best speaker.. lol…

  8. *Praise Tiffany but don’t bring Taeyeon down.*

    Why do we have to bring others down to lift the ones we want up? Don’t be ugly, we already have enough ugliness in this world.

  9. Ugh k netizens are always such a mess. Taeyeon is in fact a great leader, even the members knew it.

  10. Whats the point of this video honestly ? to create hate on taeyeon ?

  11. list of unofficial leader:


    anyone want to add someone in the list ?

  12. Tiffany accepted no responsibility for the group ever.
    Taeyeon took ALL of it.
    “De Facto Leader?”
    Since when?

  13. TaeNy is real i both miss them!..our two queens of kpop SNSD!..

  14. just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean you have to act all serious, direct and mature all the time. Like b let Taeyeon have a break, she can act how she wants to when it isn’t necessary to act her leader role. There can be diff leaders who do the roles differently to other leaders. Yes they’ve gotta act mature and serious but those netz gotta realise that there isn’t just one persona for a leader.

  15. Netizens talking like they really know who Taeyeon is

  16. Taeyeon is girls generation leader,period.there is no such thing as unofficial leaders in groups,except for groups which have no leader,such as was probably a simple mistake made by her new management

  17. Oh look, some more netizan babies crying over nothing. Taeyeon is and will always be leader. Fany is the spokesperson of the group. What do people expect Taeyeon to go into other countries and talk to them in English?

  18. So in RV..irene is the puppet and Wendy is the unofficial leader just bcause wendy give their speech abroad? Is that what r u going to say? Stupid

  19. Let me say this one, the truth is Taeyeon still become the leader of SNSD for the past 11 years and she’s the most succesful soloist of all the members while Tiffany’s position as one of the group’s top vocalists and when some people said that she’s an “unofficial leader” or whatever it is to me all the members can be who they want and every single of the members are amazing even when they lead themselves for its group tho. Saying Taeyeon acts like a kid and she has nothing to do in the group is so cheap and pathetic! Yes she looks like a kid and for some reason she also can be a deep seriously person especially when she organizes the group at the backstage, on the other side Tiffany must be that really important member tho because she has an English skills and that’s why she keeps appear in almost every speech especially out of Asia. The article is like wanting to destroy things and make a contradiction, it’s very very unreasonable. Both Taeyeon and Tiffany are friends, we just adore, appreciate and love them. That’s it.

  20. That line really did make me side-eye Tiffany tbh. Sooyoung and Tiffany has always had more of the leader dynamic in the group but Taeyeon has taken the responsibility and hate that comes with being SNSDs official leader for years so Tiffany calling herself that now like a way to boost her resume is kinda ugly. It’s not like she would’ve wanted to be called leader in 2014 after what happened with Jessica when Taeyeon was getting hated on like crazy, “it’s your fault!! as the leader you’re responsible!!!”

  21. Tiffany is the one who really care about the member, get jealous when the member got new friends, so she lowkey a “leader”, the same as sooyoung tbh…sooyoung has THAT queen atitude so she can rule, but taeyeon is on another level. Lots of people say that she doesnt act like a leader or what because her introvert side, but yall need to watch all snsd’s reality show to make you understand, she is like a father, while tiff and soo are like eldest sister

    sorry for my bad english tbh

  22. when you dont have anything left to posts lmao

  23. Dat title.

  24. WHOT… I don’t really give a single f about who’s leader lol
    Tiff would never make her best friend look bad so it’s your choice to believe it or not
    It’s prob just knet being overly sensitive about stuff lol

  25. No matter what K-Netizens say, in soshi member’s heart Taeyeon always be a leader, even when she want to resign as a leader and member just said “okay”. But behind Taeyeon they said Taeyeon is doing a good job leading Soshi, so we said “okay” so she won’t have a burden anymore. (one episode of Star King, I can’t remember which one). But slightly disappointed with Tiffany resume, maybe she means “leading to the top” with Soshi. In the end, It’s Tiffany, as you know the closest Taeyeon’s friend.

  26. Th is puppet leader. She’s a great leader. And that’s it. The members listen to her well. It’s just Tiffany is more vocal and shows her care really well especially if they’re promoting internationally. All in all. SNSD is a legendary GG. Lol

  27. I was a late kpoper, but as far as I know Taeyeon was always mentioned when the group talked about emotional support, so I’m pretty sure it was her introverted personality who didn’t allowed her to show it, but I totally see TY as the mother of the group.