The true master of the “ending pose” is Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, who mixes it up depending on what she’s wearing – and makes the clothes part of the pose.

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  1. Lol she is the queen, no other explanation.

  2. She sure is that’s a true queen

  3. Whether it be the ending pose for a song or ending my life, Taeyeon will always be the one to slay it.

  4. LOL!She only does that in Mr Mr…

  5. King Taeyeon of course!

  6. Our truly queen Taeyeon she still be beautiful on her pose!..

  7. Kim taeyeon slay it ❤❤

  8. a queen

  9. I have no surprise! She is worth

  10. well ofcourse she is, i mean she is the kpop queen after all.

  11. They should have included why ending pose and holiday (it even trended in Korea)

  12. King and Queen in one body, King Taeyeon only


  14. as expected of a goddess

  15. QUEEN perfects it everytime❤❤

  16. boring

  17. Snsd’s ending poses definitely the best

  18. Taeyeon is my goddess

  19. We already knew this. She’s a Queen obviously.

  20. Nobody cares about the has-beens Taeyeon and SNSD.they are ancient history!

  21. Queen indeed