Girls’ Generation is made up of 8 members and have been around for over a decade. Within such a harsh industry as Kpop, some found the right way to stay in shape while others are still struggling to find a balance.


  1. I love this, Red velvet one maybe!?
    Also for Yuri I swear I feel like the ONLY SONE to think her weight changes are super scary. Because she usually gains people praise her for being curvy but it’s just unhealthy and whats the point of curves if it makes you miserable and hate yourself? It’s really apparent in their Love&Peave tour, Yuri looked amazing but she seemed so miserable during live performances and uncomfortable in her outfits because she gained weight in that era.

  2. What do you guys think of this type of video and what other groups would you like to see? I thought of this for groups with members highly requested but I don’t plan on making full fledged videos for. A LOT of people have requested every member in SNSD but there are some members I don’t see a point in making full on videos for.
    – *I will be doing Yuri for sure* as an extreme yo-yo dieting case, there is a good lesson in hers on how public demands can crush a person and how crash dieting can permanently change your body for the worst.
    – I think I’ll do a *short video for both Sooyoung and Sunny?* Both have interesting stories, sunny with possible depression and Sooyoung with some of the worst thin shaming I’ve seen since Sunmi.

    Basically many of you guys seem to want my opinion on idols and many of them don’t fit the criteria for a full video so this is a simpler way to do it.
    For instance this video would suit MAMAMOO/ Girls’ Day/ SISTAR I think. For instance I see no reason to do one for Solar or Hwasa. Looking around I’ve honest to God seen nothing but love & positivity for Hwasa and Solar looks no thinner than debut? None of them have problems with food and it’s pretty normal to shift 5 pounds here or there just by change of schedule/ life happens. Any hate is nothing but scandal related.
    As always, I love to hear all your opinions on these things I seriously read all your comments 🙂

  3. OMG Hyoyeon at the end is so HOT <3<3

  4. Seohyun will be the first, I call it

  5. I love this! I definitely think Red Velvet is another good idea. The only thing I would say is to make them their own rank don’t group them.

  6. Love this!

  7. I’d like to see more videos about boy groups, unlike girls who most of the time just want to lost some weight, boys want to loose weight and gain abs, and I think a lot of them do suffer like Jimin
    I remember Wonho once saying that he working out for fans because he needs to maintain his body for them, but at the same time, he seems annoyed when people only look at his muscles…

  8. SNSD and girls generation all you ladies are absolutely and incredibly fantastic and beautiful and amazing love your music videos and your performance is so fantastic always truly enjoy your music love ya ladies

  9. It’s scary to see how many idols are depressed/have a mental problem, but their company doesn’t seem to do anything…
    Taeyeon’s story particularly hits me because I tend to think like that at times, so I know that even if people say that she should worry about herself more, she would just smile and say “no no it’s okay, I don’t have any reason to do that”

  10. When I saw Tae at #5 I freaked out for a second thinking people already treat them as a 5 member group, felt relived to see that that’s not the case =))

  11. I love your videos <3

  12. To be honest I think this is a bad idea. I like ur videos that showcase the individual stories of the idols but I feel that we shouldn’t compare mental health and physical health of each SNSD members. Each of them have their own battles to fight with and we shouldn’t compare who suffers more or not. That’s just my opinion

  13. we all know seobaby is #1 without even watching the video haha! a health inspiration

  14. I like these types vids I hope the members with poor mental health get better so their physical health can be better as well.

  15. would love to see a bts and red velvet one!!

  16. SNSD have been through so much crap its a wonder they’re still such sweet and strong girls now. Looking forward to Yuris story I really hope she gets a happy ending

  17. I vote yes, MAMAMOO and SISTAR would be my top picks ^^
    But maybe BTS or SuJu as well? Or even 2NE1?

  18. Whoa Taeyeon has gotten so thin again! D: I thought she was ok since her christmas concert but life is so unfair to her…

  19. Ahhhhh! Your videos are also improving! I love the new editing!!! I hope to see more great content on your channel

  20. I love this! It allows people to see your opinion on each member without you having to research there whole life as an idol story. Love the videos!

  21. i dont really think anyone will see my comment , but i am still gonna leave it here .

    since you posted the video of Jimin , i have seen many changes in him . this comeback his is very very thin , his legs stand out to me because thye asre very very skinny . do you have any opinion on this ? making a video or anything could bring it in the spotlight again , i just want to know your opinion because i am concerned , and i really trust you , you seem to know a lot about these idols you cover in your videos . a reply from anyone would be highly appreciated .

    love yourself , love myself , peace .

  22. Thank you for giving time to explain yoona/sooyoungs dilemma well, I’ve seen so many people skinny shame them and call them sick or unhealthy bc they’re thin when that’s not the case

  23. This video type is a really good idea. I’d personally like to see more (of these kind of) videos about guys because they often tell a different story from girls. Plus their weight loss is also often ignored. Their stories should be portrayed more often. I’d for example like to see BTS’ Jin/Suga Up10tions’ Wooshin.
    Jin is really skinny and his weight is also fluctuating a lot. Although he acts like he has all the confidence of the world, he’s quite insecure about wether he is enough or not. Example: Awake and his early vlive logs.
    Suga has been dealing a lot with depression and anxiety and I would be very thankful if you made a video about him. I know that you’re mainly focusing on weight gain/loss but I think his story is a very inspiring and important one. He’s also lost a lot of weight since pre-debut to the point were he was underweight but I think he’s trying to become healthier now by working out.
    I’d also like to see a video about Wooshin. He had a very bad scandal which caused him to go on a hiatus due to his bad mental state. He’s back now but he looks terrified and afraid as if the hate could start all over any minute. He’s quite skinny too but I’m not sure if that’s natural or not.
    As you’re doing these kind of overview videos now anyways, I really hope you could cover idols you already had before and show they’re doing know.
    I really like your knew design and I appreciate the effort you put into your videos. It would also be great if you created a new Instagram account or if you found another way to keep us up-to-date on how far you’ve come with the video you’re working on etc. I wasn’t sure if you’re reading the comments and i’d be thankfull if you’d answer my comment because if some of my ideas are stupid/impossible i don’t want to keep spamming your commentary section xD
    Anyways, thank you for making these videos!

  24. I feel like 2ne1 have had it tough even till this day. Maybe you could do a short video of them. ❤️

  25. i just want to point out that w taeyeon, she really does seem like the type to not eat unless she feels like it. earlier today even, she admitted that the thing she was most proud of recently was eating a whole dish in front of her mom. kinda speaks a lot about her possibly not finishing her meals that often

  26. as I saw the title I knew hyoseo would be first

  27. Thurd one, and I think Seohyun

  28. I need more of these! Bts? Plus Rae is so thin all over again, Ihope shes feeling ok after Jonghyuns death 🙁