It was one of the hardest decisions she’s ever made.

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  1. For people that don’t get it: YES Tiffany is still an SNSD member Officially with Sooyoung & Seohyun (in Billboard Tiffany just said she’s with SNSD comeback the second they want her/ ask)
    2: Tiffany has everyones support because she left legally after her contract expired & is on good terms with every single member & SM. Tiffany has wanted to go home for a long time and she’s finally looking healthy again.
    3: Jessica did not leave mutually, her contract was terminated and she broke some rules (shit happened) and in Jessica’s statement she blamed the girls for voting her out. Meaning Jessica lead SNSD biggest fanwar to date.

    The difference is Tiffany left peacefully when SNSD had no work for months to come while wishing her sisters good luck
    Jessica left in the middle of SNSD’s career peak and took everyone down with her

  2. Okay since I keep seeing comments about Jessica here is what my perspective is:

    We will never know the exact reasoning of Jessica’s departure. Maybe she left on her own terms, maybe she got kicked out, who knows? My view on this is that the SNSD members were supportive of Jessica, as long as she attended SNSD promotions. But, Jessica didn’t make it to some of them or was late to them due to her business. There might have been a little bit of tension because the other members felt like she letting the group down. The members might have expressed this to both SM and Jessica, and they tried to come up with a solution. Jessica wasn’t being cooperative and left, resulting in the break of contract and SM blacklisting her. This situation is different because the three girls WAITED for their contract to expire.

    I’m not sure if this 100% accurate but I feel like comparing Jessica’s case with the three who left SM makes no sense at all. They are two completely different scenarios.

    Edit: *SM not SNSD Oof

  3. Ok but I bet my ice princess also did discuss with the girls before pursuing her own career but the result apparently was not the same…

  4. hope in the future when they reunited again there will be Jessica there as part of them…

  5. Best ever decision in life: *LEAVE SM ENT.*

  6. as sone we always love SNSD no matter wht . . you are LEGEND group love you all as nine 9

  7. That is great for Tiffany but honesty where was the support for Jessica?

  8. You always and forever in my heart and SONE forever (OT9)!…

  9. really respect to tiffany who always positive …..i hope sone knows now why she left SM ….but not girl’s generation..

  10. Maybe Jessica’s timing was wrong. Jessica left during Mr. Mr. era and no one was expecting it, and no one was also thinking of SNSD parting ways that time. When Tiffany left SM Ent., all SNSD members were obviously prioritizing their solo activities and not the group. Maybe that’s why the two received different reactions from the agency and the netizens.

  11. I love Tiffany and I hope everything Snsd member succeeds in their solo careers.

  12. Can you give the details about your “sister” departure too ?

  13. I will support Tiffany no matter what and it makes me happy to know she has all her members support too <3
    Fany~Ah Fighting! SNSD Fighting!

  14. Keeping my mouth shut on this one…

  15. y’all commenting “what about Jessica?” tf people can’t you just be happy for Tiffany, for the girls? I know it was unfair for Sica before but NONE of us know what really happened. and look at her now, successful af. let’s just wish the girls luck and hope we’ll get an OT9 reunion or even a clarification on what really happened. smh

  16. No matter what we still love you Tiffany, just because you left gg doesn’t mean the rest of us sones won’t stop supporting you. Best wishes for your solo career!1!

  17. I feel like this isn’t the whole story though….wasn’t Tiffany getting bullied and dragged through the mud a lot for about year before she left SM? (Not by her group members/SM…but by the press and fans) Right after she released her solo debut in Korea (I Just Wanna Dance), which she had been working on for a long time and waiting for her whole life… the Korean public just turned on her…I thought that was why she left not only SM but the entire country….

  18. Omg! But, IT doesn’t mean that I leave to support her. Tiffany, always support u and love u ♥

  19. Oh, she left?

  20. Wouldnt be surprised if she felt betrayed after what her management did to her fellow american born sister. Seriously, tiffany endured too much backlash saying she was the one responsible for kicking jessica out when she was forced to vote sica to leave. She actually didn’t have the same energy and passion when sica left and that made her not renew her contract. May i also add how sm turned blind eye when she got so much hate for a mistake she didn’t even know that serious. The poor girl went through a lot of stress and SM didn’t even consider explaining and apologizing on her behalf. Ever since her debut she was criticized for being bigger than the other members, being incompetent bec she made lots of dancing mistakes in the past, having a troubled singing voice. Korea doesn’t deserve Tiffany and i’m honestly glad she left Korea to pursue her dream. I can see her growing and her passion little by little coming back.

  21. Very very happy for our brighter than jewels Fany Fany!!! This is YOUR time Fany noona..I hope ALL your dreams come true. You are one of most humble celebtrities out there and your beautiful humilty will take you a long way. I pray to God to give you ALL your heart desires and thank you for all the fun and music you brought to us…this is YOUR time to shine!!

  22. Pls snsd comeback

  23. If not for SM.. how would u know tiffany?
    So why Hate?