SNSD #Taeyeon #Hyoyeon & #Yoona dance to #RedVelvet POWER UP with Seulgi after SMTown Japan!
레드벨벳 슬기 소녀시대


  1. My God this is so cute! Seulgi looks kinda nervous with her unnies XD and Taeyeon is so into it her facial expressions!

  2. omg i love how when seulgi compliments yoona on how well she did yoona’s just like “i’m snsd”

  3. Yoona said at the end…’Im SNSD’… damn right…. you are the LEGEND GIRL GROUP!…

  4. yoona is right – they are SNSD, legends who learns quick

  5. So wait!….. is this a TEASER for a sub unit?… HYOYONTAE?…. because yuri has a drama while sunny is busy with her variety…

    HYOYONTAE will be the BOMB!… TAEYEON for vocals, HYO for dance while YOONA will balance it while still having EXCEPTIONAL VISUAL!… SM ALBUM NOW!… we need this comeback now!…

  6. YoonA’s dancing was perfect, wow.

  7. I swear hyo yoon tae would make a bomb sub unit

  8. I swear that Yoona has some sort of binding contract with Satan so that she doesn’t age.

  9. yoona: i an snsd
    sure you are girl

  10. Omg yoona and taeyeon is ssooooooo pretty

  11. Yoona looked like she was perving on Seulgi in the begining lmao

  12. Hyoyeon can’t pass something called dance hhhhhhh so cute dancing queen

  13. Taeyeon can be red velvet member and nobody will notice that she is older “-“

  14. wtf Yoona’s gorgeous

  15. yoona blessed by sulgi butt XD XD

  16. I Saw this on twitter this made my morning!!

  17. I love Taeyeon dancing. Thanks!

  18. yoona love you cute

  19. Omg taeyeon!

  20. Yoona’s “I’m SNSD” YESS GIRL

  21. This is my favorite thing in the internet rn

  22. I miss girls generation

  23. I believe OT5 snsd will comeback

  24. I don’t want to nitpick but everyone saying Yoona “flawlessly” copied Seulgi but she did make a little mistake in the first move, she moved BOTH her arms while she was supposed to move only the RIGHT one 😀

  25. Dancing queen hyo looks so cute

  26. yo shi so neo shi dai