Girls’ Generation Choi SooYoung and Ex. Royal Pirates Member James collaboration single for “Let’s Get Away”
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  1. I made this in honor of *James & Sooyoung’s Collaboration THE FULL MV IS OUT LINK IN DESCRIPTION* Both of these artists have gone through so much in their life and it’s such a blessing from James to let us hear Sooyoung’s lovely voice again <3
    Please show them both lots of love Sone & GG Fighting!

  2. SONE do u think we can help Soo and James reach 1mil on his channel? They deserve it so much!

  3. I will support our girls no matter what. I got kinda teary hearing James :/ to lose his hand os like losing your soul when its ur job. I support him too❤

  4. So beautiiifullll and warm..

  5. Queens and LEGENDS on their own… Im happy that I got a chance to meet them… in this lifetime… becsuse there wont going to be a GIRL GROUP like them for a LONG TIME….

  6. Now we need a seohyun comeback 🙂

  7. Sooyoung YAYY FEATURE COMEBACK 😀 OMG thus poor guy James, you must be strong to go through all that❤

  8. Legends

  9. Sooyoung good luck!

  10. All our queens coming back at one I cant handle it!