It appears that SNSD’s Hyoyeon feels the same way as Taeyeon in regards to the latter’s recent post about SM Entertainment not celebrating the group’s huge achievement of hitting over 200 million views for “I Got A Boy”.

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  1. Being honest here, SM focuses only on newer and hotter groups. Their senior group’s aren’t even respected. Girl’s Generation Holiday promotion didn’t last very long as much as Red Velvet or even EXO. I don’t know what the deal is, but SM wouldn’t be where they are now without SNSD. SNSD made the money for SM, and this is what they get in return, a 10 year old group having to suffer yet again by ShitM. Bye SM, the queens don’t need your management.

  2. Hyoyeon deserved better, out of all members she had it worst.

  3. as a warning maybe….”sm…if u didnt treat us nicely, we will follow the other 4….”

  4. My impression of Hyoyeon is she is the “silent power” behind SNSD. Taeyeon maybe the leader but Hyoyeon & Sooyoung are the two who “enforce” the SNSD ethos and do the behind-the-curtain work representing the group to SM.

  5. Yes!!!.. the DANCING MACHINE has come out of the DUNGEON and is ROASTING that COMPANY!!… QUEENS!!…. now whos next, YURI, YOONA then of course… if ever the upcoming CEO of SM… SUNNY BUNNY!!!…

  6. SM screwed them over on their 10 year comeback, and they’re surprised that they got ignored again? Of course they got ignored, they’re too busy planning another Red Velvet comeback.

  7. They should all leave SM and join Seohyun with her “one man” agency.
    That would be great.

  8. Why SNSD calls out of SM ENT? First Taeyeon and then Hyoyeon!…What it means? She Deserved Better!…

  9. Ok well this is my ultimate bias SO idc if she commited murder lol I will be on her side xD


  11. SM already messed up with their last comeback and then this….they just too busy with RV’s comeback and have no time for SNSD….I feel like they deserved much better than this after been with the company for 10 years+….

  12. Sone reaction: *Dap*

  13. This is why I am sone even though my name is BTS DNA but even BTS is sone so I can still be a fan, yeah so back to the point of view…… SNSD deserves better than this they should have at least a celebration for them, I guess the CEO doesn’t even care anymore about the group they made them famous in global

  14. Gotta ride with my bias on this one sm get your shit together

  15. mop the floor with ‘em

  16. SM crapped on SNSD … no doubt about it. Its pretty obvious that they wanted to retire them from group events after Lionheart and the last tour. They wanted to keep the SNSD “image” and use the members for advertising revenue but they had no intention of actually investing in the group as a whole.

    They stepped all over Seo’s acting career to keep her “little maknae” image, kept Soo from working the events she wanted, and when Tiffany got into trouble over that flag incident – they did little to defend her and basically shoved her in the doghouse and pulled her from every kind of solo activity. Can’t blame any of them for leaving and I’ll bet at least some of the others wish they hadn’t signed new contracts. You probably won’t see Tiffany return to Korea anytime soon as a performer – if ever.

  17. You know what? They deserve better company. Gg just go to YG or JYP

  18. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  19. then just break contract with sm.that is the one solution.tae and hyo you do that for what? after that i think CEO not be able to make move too.don’t you think every bos in the world just like that,

  20. Swaggg snsd

  21. Yeah call them out Queens You deserved BETTER!

  22. Seriously SNSD is the most legendary and hottest SM girl group.

  23. maybe this is also the reason why S.H.Y.(soohyoyul) never exist because of that fucking treatment of SM.. because SM focus more on the newbies.. i’m nothing against with the newbies but SM should be fair!!!

  24. Shitm is once again doi ng their works of failure lol

  25. SNSD deserves better..because without SNSD SM will not be BIG!!

  26. Bruh these girls act like SM doesn’t have work to do. They’ve had a run of 10 years and all they can do is whine …damn. SM has other groups. I’m sorry I love snsd but the lack of understanding they have for what all SM I’m sure is doing is aggravating. I’m sure with all the groups they have they are busy and can’t always get to being there to celebrate an MV.