Lip Sync KPop Compilation. Strain and cracked vocals and bad singing part 4…or 5


  1. How many parts is this now? I’ve lost count lol Queen of fails I guess

  2. Jessica fans so desperate to hide her mistakes as a lip sync queen XD

  3. I’m so over this obsession in Kpop for weak af aegyo voices that sound like autotuned off key anime. This girl is a joke
    Where are the REAL powerful voices that mean something. Loona Vocals and Ailee?
    Even rose from blackpink Rose has a uniqe sound even if it’s on the higher pitch side.

  4. Meh most kpop singets suck. The joke is Jessica was praised as the best.
    She aint got shit on Ailee or Akmu or Taeyeon or Jimin (soloist)

  5. And ppl wonder why her solos flopped after the curiosity of FLY was over. Ya know Tiffany Sunny and SeoHyun, Even Taeyeon have had some AWFUL performances, but they don’t give up. Jessica is a sad person in my eyes, no determination left she NEVER sings 100% live anymore. Even Tiffany hasn’t used backtrack or auto-tune in YEARS, she sticks to mainly acoustic lives.

  6. I hate high pitch voices the most.. I’m so over aegyo Kpop it sounds so forced shes ruining her voice. FINALLY the badass girl crush concepts are coming back

  7. Bitch

  8. Really sad to see this kind of video. I blame your miserable life. You are the definition of no life.
    You try to do what ?
    That’s why I am not a sone anymore. Because of this kind of immature sone (you are a Tiffany Stan. It’s not a surprise after all) Do something of your life dear do something of your life. the envious are always behind never forget it. I really feel sorry for you. Your life is so pathetic and void that you try to belittle Jessica to try to convince yourself that Tiffany is better at it. I pity you.

  9. I thought you’re gone

  10. Her voice is cringe, I’m sry it’s just my opinion

  11. you should make a compilation of momoland singing badly and lip syncing because Istg they can’t sing for shit

  12. This is pathetic, even the newer generation are better than this. TWICE sound better than this dare I say 0.0