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Music: Infinite – Tell Me – Eddie Kaba [Instrumental](Remake)



  1. Dont take these as hate comments but do you know what it feels when in a year you must remember a bunch of dance choreography in a short while for Irene the song she dance to is a song which is last year (2017) and she has bunch of another dances she must master of . For Jennie ,the song she played is her debut song which made her to forgot the choreography and for Taeyeon i just cant accept you saying that she is not a pro since her debut cause she has been a pro since her debut and the haters keep saying that she always keep a ‘bitch’ face infront of the fans but FYI she is our queen

    Sorry if I sounded rude but i just wanted to say ehat im saying

  2. Actually, do you know that the first clip of taeyeon was being praised for her professional? At that time, she had a problem with her in-ear monitor, she couldn’t put it on properly because she didn’t have enough time (she just got an award at that show then it was her turn to perform) but she still continued to perform even though she was struggling a little with that thing. Later, the organizer of that show even apologized to her for that.

  3. I think that’s not laziness. They’re just a human. Being tired is not bad. ㅋㅋㅋ .

  4. 1st clip of Taeyeon is actually having technical problems. You can see she is struggling with that in-ear(?) cord while she was performing.

  5. dont forget idol is also a human too….they are not perfect from head to toe….dont expect them to happy all the time….

  6. the third one in taeyeon parts she always Bow her head when she’s dissapointed or she feel like she didn’t do well. Also there are human too they can also feel tired there’s no people who don’t make mistake even professional.

  7. Love Ly Guess what for the first clip the reason for her rolling her eyes is cause she is a perfectionist, she value every performance. That day the show screw up and she went on stage with the in ear not properly placed into her ears. I thought you was a great channel when u explained the reasons for Jennie and Irene unprofessionalism. BUT GOSH YOU ARE JUST LIKE THOSE SHITTY CHANNELS. THAT JUST EXPLAIN YOUR PATHETIC VIEWS. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT? IT’S JUST HOW TAEYEON WILL FEEL ABOUT YOUR VIDEO. Since debut she have gave nth but wonderful performance. Her MR removed video is always topnotch. Despite SNSD having difficult dance moves and her having the most lines she nvr let us down with her vocals. SHE IS LEDGEND. YOUR BETTER HAV A BRAIN BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY VIDEO.

  8. Don’t mind them Irene …..we will still love……fighting….

  9. What kind of fans are you if you don’t care about your idols well being and want to be perfect their whole life?!

  10. So..Idol are not human? they can’t make mistakes? now i know..Thank you for telling me that

  11. They are just tired, they couldn’t get this far as idols if they were lazy.
    Dear channel owner, you don’t know how TIRED feels, because you are so lazy that you have never got tired.

    Put your phone/laptop and do some exercise.

  12. I only see that you’re one of taeyeon’s hater in this video. Im disappointed. If none of sone or her fan feel offended by her act, why do you even care? We don’t even expect her to smile every seconds of the show because we know it’s fine not to do so if she’s just turning around, looking to the floor or etc. She make sure to entertain her fan when needed. If you ask me, I see nothing wrong with taeyeon in this video.

  13. This video shows that idol still normal human.they can be tired, made mistake, bored, and lazy at the same time.even on stage

  14. they are not showing their laziness they are just tired and being and idol is not a joke so please understand and respect their situation

  15. I agree with Red Velvet, and i personally think they do look bored on stage most of the time, I love them still and they are super talented, but they lack stage presence, during their first concert they looked very bored and i was surprised since it was their first private show and I thought it was a big thing to be hyped about. Now, as for Taeyeon, the first clip, it’s a bit unfair to add it to the list. When idols are invited to perform in such events, they have a quick rehearsal before the show begins to make sure the audio and all the technical stuff is working well. Then, she goes on stage to perform, and suddenly the audio is not working properly and she has to deal with technical difficulties? i would be more than pissed and I’m glad she showed that on stage. The people who are in charge of that should have been more careful, if she makes a mistake on stage due to technical difficulties people will blame on her, thank God she delivered a good performance but giving that she’s a senior, I’m sure she’s irritated that she has to deal with people not doing their job as they should. As for Jennie… i really don’t feel like she looks lazy? i always thought that was the feel she wanted to portrait, the “serious & mysterious” girl of the group, but i might be wrong.. off stage she kinda looks bored sometimes and people said she had bad attitudes/bitchy-faces but idk, i’m not a big fan of blackpink so i can’t say

  16. Idol are also humans. Have you never made a mistake in your life? Please stop criticizing the idol. if you don’t like the artist, just keep quiet. Don’t just criticize and make the idolfeel sad.

  17. this video IS NOT necessary, sorry to say but you just gathering hate comment from everyone

  18. Dumbest video on kpop. Way to show your maturity level and arrogance. I would love to see you start training at a very young age and go through what they had to. Oh wait, that’s right! You’re not an idol, so you have no idea what it’s like. What is even the point of this video? Is it helping you or these idols? No? It’s easy to sit behind a computer and talk smack about others like a coward.

  19. The people who call them lazy are probably not doing their own work and watching kpop videos to find the tiniest flaws and start hating. Lol

  20. Irene is not lazy,but she face looks like Cold

  21. They are also human being. Stop criticizing them.