The fans went on an immediate hunt for Hyoyeon’s mjssing leg!

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  1. No leg but with crown..
    It is ghost concept n Hyoyeon is the queen of ghost in this comeback ..

  2. Now, How can she dance without her legs? :v

  3. Queen on the dance floor

  4. this is too random lmao

  5. random af i was confusion

  6. The question is if hyoyeon’s leg is disappeared due to photoshooped issue, why the fabric is still appear??? I mean if the legs got cropped from the pic, then the fabric must be gone as well right???

  7. Hyoyeon at the end of the video tho XDD

  8. what? lmao

  9. Hyo’s legs aren’t apart of the comeback

  10. It’s been done on purpose to get people talking about the comeback…

  11. They are probably still on vacation they still taking a break

  12. Haha she looks gorgeous btw

  13. pray for hyo’s leg..


  15. It’s even weird that the fabric is still there but the legs aren’t lol


  17. the question is, did they not take that teaser picture together?
    or there are something to be deleted in that photo ?

  18. I’m pretty sure they did it on purpose. I think it’s a hint of what will be their next concept. Or a hint of what role will she have on their comeback. Or it might be a symbolism

  19. is this new album or what????

  20. Dancing Queen even though without leg

  21. it’s a mystery