Girls generation Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun Show Support and Excitement for Their Unit, `SNSD – OH!GG’s Debut

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  1. Of course they are! Thats what family does 🙂

  2. No one can bring/put it down because our angels they’re keeping fighting…

  3. OT9, OT8, OT5 always and forever!…I will never stoped to support them!…

  4. Will always support you our angels and i’m really proud of you!…i love you angels…

  5. Well no shit they support them. Why would anyone think anything else

  6. don’t know why I have tears on my feels good to know that the tiff seo and soo are supporting their members

  7. if the show is less than 10 videos on vlive ima start a riot

  8. American Sone always here for SNSD – OT9, OT8, TTS, SHY, and now OH!GG. Whether it’s one or all, this fan will never give up, never stop supporting these amazing, super talented music artists. GG is the center of this music lovers universe. They keep my music world spinning.

  9. Wow…our angels they’re really supportive!… OT9 forever

  10. SNSD IS A FAMILY not just a Girl Group.

  11. I hope won’t forget Sica that they been together since then I hope SM let Sica go to music shows and to communicate with her members too ‘coz she’s been part of SNSD too

  12. I miss TaeNy!…

  13. Wow…our queens/legends are really supportive!…BTW I miss TAENY!…

  14. Can’t wait!

  15. The thumbnail cracked me up lol

  16. At least you 5 dont left SM

  17. I can’t wait to see you angels!…

  18. OMG i can’t wait for them. #OT5

  19. Our Angels it’s time to shine

  20. i’ve already set my VCR.

  21. yeah!!!our queen is coming!!!!!