SM Entertainment announced the 5 members are debuting in a new subunit named SNSD-Oh!GG, and shortly after released a teaser for their reality show ‘Girls For Rest’.

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  1. i think delusional people think they can ever be OT9 again however im excited too see the next step in their music also feeling sad cause i miss the old days of 4M 2ne1 and Girls Generation but i think they made a excellent choice comming up with a new name which still contains the old name Sones are sooooo lucky

  2. told yah its only a subunit of GG….ot8 wil reunite soon..ehehehe

  3. i hope they put it on youtube with subs like 2NE1 TV was done.

  4. who made the PICTURE of TEASER with OT8?… the editing was GENIUS!… I literally thought that was real… LOL!…

  5. 1 dislike? ???? WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM !!!!!!!GET LOST! !!!!!!!YOU’RE SO ANNOYING! !°

  6. 1:24 i want this picture and SONE’s don’t worry our Girls’ will reunite they are still 8 not 5 OH!GG is only a subunit this does not mean Sooyoung Tiffany and Seohyun are no longer part of Girls’ Generation our Girls’ will be back stronger and better then ever they said they will be back as 8 in 2019 please trust them

  7. Their comeback is coming

  8. *My Queens*

  9. Queens

  10. Oh!GG❤❤❤

  11. Background music makes me cry oh my gg queen

  12. I can’t wait to GG COME BACK !!!

  13. *YES CAN’T WAIT*

  14. So excited, when saw this kind of news thing on youtube aout girls generation my heart was pounding happily hard as it is I win a grand prize on something. ? Omygod!!! After guessing three at first I realized 5 of them were the units coz its too sad for the others if only 3 was a member unit how bad it was also for the three.

  15. it’s been 10 year huh, i still remember the feeling i had when i first hear their songs. so many thing has change since i first discover kpop from the good things, the bad things, the happy time and the heart breaking. i’ve learn so much from all the kpop star throughout the decade and i’m looking forward for what more can kpop artist bring to the world, may it shine bright like a star.