SNSD Sunny has the answer to dating secretly successfully!

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  1. It’s so sad the fact that they can’t date like they want, like normal people. This is just for immature “fans” that think they idol will date them. Like, my ultimate bias is Wendy and I will be sooo happy if she finds the love of her life and have many many kids.

  2. Dating is a normal thing to do, unless their company doesent allow it they should be able to do it, people need to grow up and realise they dont own these idols

  3. Everyone had the right to Date. That’s a fact. But as fans we have to know why their agencies impose the “no dating rule:
    1.) They invested alot of money on the idol from training to debut. If an idol dates.. She..and her bf/gf will get alot of hates from immature fans who think they own them. This affects not only the idols involved. but the popularity of their groups… Since knetz will hate on them. And thus.. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.
    2.) Pregnancy. It’s inevitable if you decide to date. Contracts will be terminated. And the agency had to start from scratch again. Which would be unfair specially if the agency haven’t Rachel the “break even yet”

    3.) Idols are suppose to have a “virginal” image. For us foreign fans.. This is a bluff. But you have to know this is Asia. And asia have strict values. You don’t just kiss in the streets like the westerns do. Idols are supposed to be “innocent”. (Lmao although we know they’re humans too.) But yeah. In korea that’s the case.

    So don’t blame the company blame the k values.

  4. I would be more than happy if any kpop idol decides to date like even if they are my bias I would still support and love them 100%

  5. Its so sad knowing that they have to go to these lengths to actually date someone. They’re human too.

  6. It’s usually Korean fans, since they’re able to see their idols on the regular so they think they have a chance.

  7. I think sunny “s dating is jin

  8. I don’t think that time would come. They are celebrities and fans get jealous when their idols date someone.

  9. .

  10. I have no crucial thing to say all I know is they can do whatever they want, the idols, company and the fans

  11. Fans.. You cannot called yourself a bias with and idol you love, if you can’t accepted your idol love life partner… Called yourself SELFISH PSYCO FANS aka HATERS.

  12. yas Shindong, say it louder!
    Also this isn’t really a good method but a smart one..

  13. You’ve just exposed Sunny on the spot

  14. What A Sad…Sad…World…

  15. In the upside-down world of Kpop the ruination of an Idol’s career are not the poor record sales or the uninspiring stage performances but from … (wait for it) dating. Yes, dating!
    P.S. If I’m not mistaken, the Kardashians built an Empire from dating.