#SNSD 소녀시대 Girls’ Generation Taeyeon – Yoona – Hyoyeon – Sunny – Yuri are coming back as a new sub unit #OHGG and getting ready to release their new reality show GIRLS FOR REST #소녀포레스트 Airing Next month September 2018!


  1. These are just my rough-subs so they might not be 100% correct >< (if u wanna post this other places thats fine but please credit me, thanks) The Trailer i already out omg I hope they keep dropping us goodies till their Comeback drops >< Taeyeon is baking of course, when she retires she should just open a sweets shop!

  2. Doesn’t matter if they get married, have kids, go solo because we made a *promise* to go on *forever* they’ll always make our lives *complete*. But their happiness comes 1st #GG4EVA

  3. I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a crying scene IF they talking about the other members.

  4. The trailers: luxurious lifestyle, peaceful bike riding, museum travelling, fancy dinner.

    The actual show:
    (when schedule calls) “AAAH ITS TOO EARLY!”
    (when riding around town) “omomomomomomomomomo…OMOMOMO”
    (when dragged to a museum) “Sigh…I wanna go to the toy store…”
    (when eating dinner) “BWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

    And that’s just Taeyeon. XD

  5. I want this life for SNSD and every SONE

  6. I so badly wanted OT8 to be in One Fine Day bc I want them to have a vacation, away from stressful schedules. But this is better. I mean, the other 3 members are busy with their new music or dramas, but this is also a chance to promote the new sub-unit. I can’t wait to see Oh!GG having fun in France and happily doing their hobbies!

  7. I swear if any immature anti fans ,blackpink,twice red velevet and etc comes here and try to be a hater their in for a smack on the face with snsd comeback-.-,but if it’s a decent nice once, blink,revluvs, and any kind supporter is welcome to talk and have hugs♡^.^。

  8. Legends are never forgotten. Just looking back from Into the New World until now….they’ve done so much and given so much…just wow.

  9. they see each other often because they all bought a home of their own, unlike when they still live in the same dorm.

  10. Ahh I miss them so much T_T

  11. i wish there is going to be season 2 with ot8!!

  12. My favourite girl group in my favourite country! Ahhh is this a dream? I can’t wait to see the full show – looks like Tae was making macarons, I hope we’ll see more of her baking creations


  14. Taeyeon so cute

  15. Yul.. Saranghae.. <3 Fighting!

  16. OMG I live in the south of France in which city are they???

  17. Our queen GG IS BACK!

  18. Can wait to see new comeback our queen GG!
    Jigeumeun SoNyuhShiDae
    Apureodeo SoNyuhShiDae
    Yeonwhoni SoNyuhShiDae

  19. If they are comple—-