Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG Reacts to ‘몰랐니 (Lil’ Touch)’ MV

#소녀시대_Oh_GG ‘#몰랐니(#LilTouch)’

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  1. taeyeon imitating tiffany in the beginning of the video hahaha she rly does miss her “OH YURRRRREE” ~ XD

  2. Sunny: Mmm yes, I too have been in SNSD for 11 years, this is so great. Ok now gimme the food bitch I’m hungry.

  3. Kid Leader – “Wow!”
    Dancing Queen – “Wow!”
    Black Pearl Yuriii – “Wow!”
    Pretty Girl Yoona – “Wow!”
    Sunny Bunny Energizer – Nom nom.

    Oh!GG fighting!

  4. Sunny is me in every family gathering in this video.

  5. Taeyeon: OH YURI!…
    Yuri: Ahhh TAEYEON
    Hyoyeon: WOW!… soo sexy!..
    Yoona: OMO!.. Soo PLETTY!..

    Sunny: IM HUNGRY!..

    LOL!… this group are comedians!…

  6. Taeyeon give her best reaction
    Yuri is kinda fangirl mode on
    Hyoyeon be like ‘this song so addicting’
    Yoona well,let me eat food first
    Sunny be like super rich woman ‘I’ve been watching my self and this girls +999999999 on the screen’

  7. lmao. they’re trying to react like some youtube reactors hahaha. also, you can tell Taeyeon really likes the song. I’m glad they can do their own style now. I mean, they deserve it! They’ve been in the game for so long and still on top after 11 years so SM should reward them with freedom to do their own music and style now 🙂

  8. They react to their own video lol and sunny just dont give a f*k

  9. Taeyeon really did comfortable around her members. She give many reaction. Love kid taeng.

  10. All the others are fangirling over the MV and sunny is just eating lol

  11. I can’t believe Taeyeon is 29 years old she’s so damn cute.


  13. 소녀시대는 소녀시대다 레전드 …
    신인 아이돌 나오면 리액션 하느라 정신없는데 그와중에 다 따로 놀아
    써니는 밥먹느라 정신없고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    다들 다 다른 차원에 있는듯 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    주간아 나와서도 각자 할말만 하더니
    8명 있었으면 난리 났겠네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  14. This is probably Taeyeon’s favourite snsd song

  15. They’re all will be 30 soon, but look alike some of 17 years old girl hehe

  16. i love how sunny was just eating the whole time lol

  17. OMG! They’re all so pretty especially to Taeyeon when it close-up she so pretty I love your comeback and I hope you guest in IDOL ROOM and Weekly Idol and many more we miss you all alot Thank you for coming back to SONES You all really did well good job

  18. Taeyeon’s Oh Yuri..feels like Tiffany somehow

  19. Sunny just eating is a phat mood

  20. Sunny be like :I don’t care I should just eat my food XD the same me when I with my team XD

  21. MV: Give it all to me (Taeyeon’s line)
    Tae: *nods frantically*