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  1. everyone got to be at the center and the choreography is different for each member during the chorus! I’m happy!

  2. Such a bop – and Sunny just slayed! The song and mv kind of give a Red Velvet vibe – and they pulled it off

  3. I love how they went back to basics for a simple, light, breezy production. After hearing it for the first time I left it on repeat, and it was so easy on my ears I could listen to it over and over for a long time and not get tired of it…

  4. sunny getting the lines, screen time, recognition she deserves


  6. snsd was my first kpop group and sunny was my first bias…and even tho she’s not my ult anymore, she still gives me that feeling in my chest like when i first saw her OOF

  7. The amount of Sunny in this was great I agree ❤️ Love your reaction lol

  8. Y’alls camera quality is so Good!!

  9. Thank you for noticed Taeyeon’s black outfit. She is literally wearing a full cup bra with the twist, added sleeves. So, its looks like she wearing a very short shirt. Those bra!! Fuuhh!!

  10. Been waiting for you guys, love you guys !! #GG4EVA

  11. To be honest, I wasn’t breathing for the duration of the MV.

    SNSD sucked all my oxygen.

  12. Lol…. Ikr?
    Taeyeon could drive over me and I’d say thank you.

  13. All girls question their sexuality after see sunmi and Oh! GG comeback MAHGAWD

  14. I love the fact that everybody shined so equally here

  15. “I feel like we’re in the future.” There IS a strange feel about OT5 after all these years, but it’s OK.

  16. GWSN “Puzzle Moon” reaction please 🙂

  17. but SNSD is still 9 ;____;

  18. legends right

  19. have you guys checked out Jimin’s APRIL FOOLS yet?

  20. “She’s dressed up for my funeral after this song”

  21. Im so excited for this!

  22. React to GWSN

  23. Nam woo hyun new solo ‘if only you are fine’ reaction please!!:)

  24. “I feel like we’re in the future” I am cRYNGGJNDJSH :’D