Girls’ Generation SNSD (소녀시대) Oh!gg – 몰랐니 Lil Touch Color Coded Lyrics English Sub, Korean Rom and Hangul 🙂

Blue – *Hyoyeon* (My bias)
Red – *Yoona*
Pink – *Yuri*
Yellow – *Sunny*
Purple – *Taeyeon*
Grey – *oh!gg*
*(Names are in the video too!)*

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  1. *SO HAPPY my OGs are back, even if it is just half of them 🙂 This is a BOP.*

  2. 8th!!!


  3. taeyeon voice omg im dying + sunny improved a lot + hyoyeon slay it and her voice omg + yoona is a human that have an angelic voice + yuri my babe she improved so much in this comeback thanks to sm + please make a lyric for fermata

  4. came here after watching the mv

  5. everyone say “thank you snsd” for saving the industry even tho theres only half of ‘em !!

  6. queens will always be queens

  7. WAAAAAH I’m so happy you’re back TT_TT It’s been a while since you last made a lyric vid for SNSD so thank you so muuuch!

  8. “It’s getting more and more runny”

    My mind can’t comprehend that with clean intention

  9. Taeyeon firsts lines, my reaction:
    Yes I know, pay my plane ticket and I’ll be there.

  10. Don’t watch here.. Go stream The original MV.. You can watch it later after we reach our goal


  12. kim hyoyeon

  13. I think is Hyoyeon’s era!

  14. Yoona ♡♡

  15. Yass

  16. This song is everythinggggg

  17. The Queens are BACK !!THEY SLAY IT !!

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  20. Thanks soshi

  21. thanks for posting lyrics. SMTOWN doesn’t care about international fans ㅜㅜ

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    thank you so much ❤❤❤
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