As fans discovered, the whole concept of SNSD vacation reality program (Girls For Rest) seems to be based on the requests they made on the last episode of Channel Soshi.

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  1. No matter what i will always support and here for you angels!…I love you angels…I can’t wait to see you very soon…

  2. But would it be great if all of them are complete? This would have been a perfect opportunity for all of the girls to reminisce and have the fun of their life. Just them being themselves. Enjoying every moment. Create new memories and all. Oh how i would i love that. Still hoping that maybe one day that day will come. #OT9_Forever

  3. The producer really love snsd

  4. Why would this be something we’d never believe?

  5. Good for them … they wanted this to happen but it would have been better if they were there as OT9 … who agrees with me !?????

  6. Yeah queens get what they ask for. It’s common sense.

  7. Angels forever (OT9)

  8. Well … Red velvet request to go to Europe and they got it too in season 3. I guess SM loves to let their idols go travel.

  9. You guys stop bragging about OT9. It’ll just hurt both soshi and us. Accept the reality

  10. I actually love their concept, for me it’s like very successful life with strong independent women that was willing to fight.☺️

  11. Hyo is getting beautiful

  12. Queens of all time. ♡♡♡

  13. Who else is excited?!

  14. Noice
    Episode 1 is going to air on the 8th of September or something like that

  15. My queen♡

  16. I love my queens and I can’t wait for their light stick and debut comeback not to mention their music!!! Ahhhhhh

  17. When they said 10 episode doesnt mean saying its 24EP to make it sounds extra and hype ppl up but turns out its 3mins/ep. =.= . Geeezzz people

  18. funny how yoong brought noraebang mic [obviously got the idea from bed and breakfast], and sunny brought speaker. then it’s up to hyo and yuri for dance party.

  19. Gonna go rewatching Ch Soshi after this, from ep 1-8

  20. the views increased

  21. yoona so pretty!!!! well everyone of them is pretty. but yoona❤❤❤

  22. The real variety show queens.

  23. It’s great to see them having fun together ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Snsd forever
    I would stil support them even when 50