Just a video I made that looks at Taeyeon’s vocals throughout the years of her career. I’ll be comparing some notes Taeyeon sang from 2007-2014 with notes she sang from 2015 – 2018 (September). This is just a brief look at her amazing career that spans over a decade, but do let me know what you think!

I wish for many more years of Taeyeon blessing us with her beautiful voice ❤


  1. she was born a legend but with hard work and continuous improvement she is the best and most consistent soloist out there.

  2. Since her debut, She has been one the best vocals of kpop, actually… SHE’S A LEGEND. Nobody can compare her, just hard work around all of these years and obviously all the rest of beautiful girls that she calls sisters❤️

  3. we love improvement


  5. 6:02 vs 6:10 really summed everything up pretty well

  6. Lol I feel like Taeyeon’s vocals (stylistically anyway) changed the most from 2015 to 2018 tbh. 2007 – 2014, you can see a steady but still apparent change in her styling and vocals. But once she went solo, she started finding her own voice and she really started experimenting with her style then. It was like every album she had discovered a new Taeyeon. How she sings now is very markedly different stylistically from back in 2015. I couldn’t imagine her singing the This Christmas album or Something New the same way if it was 2015 Taeyeon (but hey, maybe she was just being safe with the I release and she could sing the way she does now XD).

  7. At 6:10 I got goosebumps. Current Tae is definitely better. Every note she sings is infused with emotion

  8. 2:06 FUCKING WIG

  9. i can’t get enough of her vocals, i see her singing the same note through different songs and it always feels like it’s something new, i love her, she is an artist, she couldn’t even hold a D5 in 2007 and look at her now, i love a glow up, come here queen next step is to support an E5

  10. Vocal queen

  11. Talent + hardwork = taeyeon’s ability

  12. The intro is all of Taeyeon’s debut stage?? UWU She sound so good from before until now taeyeon!

  13. I’m consistently frustrated by most Kpop idols’ lower ranges, including singers outside the Korean wave. Especially females, it’s true most are sopranos, but the amount who can support an F#3 and under is just so few. Taeyeon has a better lower range than like, half of the sopranos like her. However, it’s still sort of complacent, like, average. As a lower set soprano who can support down to C#3/D3, it frustrates me because I can’t find many with the same abilities. Looking over the small rant, I applaud Taeyeon for improving tremendously, you can hear how much more supported and open she is compared to the past. Bringing her supported range around D5/Eb5 (sorta) and going from B3/Bb3 to G3/G#3. Just wish she could try to take new directions and lighten up her voice and not push too much past her supported range, and explore more of that head voice.

  14. She hits the notes easier , what an improvement but she sounds more nasal

  15. She changed into a lighter and brighter mix, using slightly less chest than in the past. That makes her voice sound less low-pitched and womanly than before, but more soft and soothing like butter.

  16. Welcome back with nice concept of video. She has improved a lot by making her mix lighter. I wish same could happen to Ailee too. Btw 7:27 is flat and Eb5 for I think

  17. We love an improving queen…..seeing how she sings the same notes in some songs but it gives me different emotions…..
    I’m glad she’s improving and taking care of her voice

  18. She’s improved a lot it’s just the clips they have bad audio bc if you heard her true voiced you’d be in heaven Taeyeon’s heavenly singing

  19. did she supported the note @ 6:10 ??

  20. I love the genie improvement the most.

  21. for a better comparison: use her old performance and latest one (group perform)

  22. Ugh the Bb4s in All That Jazz.

  23. She improved a lot but her nose PS 2014 made her sound more nasal! It is just a slight change in her nose bridge but it effects her breathing a lot.

    No I do not judge it, it is her body but who denies it lies to himself.

  24. She sounds more different around D5/Eb5/E5 since she is allowing more head voice into her mix rather than just pushing her chest voice, which causes a more relaxed voice… Besides that, her chest notes are more audible nowadays and her head voice is more rounded. She has definitely improved.