AYO….GG! The OH-G’s are BACK!!!…well, some of them anyways. What will Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona have in store for Cody & Wyatt? You’ll have to watch to find out in our reaction video to Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG 소녀시대-Oh!GG ‘몰랐니 (Lil’ Touch)’ MV!!! #SNSD #GIRLSGENERATION #OHGG #LILTOUCH #REACTION

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  1. What are your thoughts on this SNSD’s subunit????? Reply and let us know!

  2. I mean, SM didn’t even give them a lot of attention as other groups, AND EVEN THO THAT they broke the company #1 record in 24h. Just show how powerful they really are, and I feel people sometimes don’t appreciate that

  3. I also felt like the song had something lacking? Like usually SM songs have so many sounds, but this one seemed a bit too simple?

    But it’s still so addictive and catchy, I think this is the fastest Korean song I’ve ever memorized without even looking up the romanized lyrics. The lyrics are really easy to remember and so is the melody.

    And of course, the girls are perfection. Wished Taeyeon x Sunny had some kind of adlib war in the last chorus though, but now that I’ve listened to this song on repeat, maybe it didn’t need powerful adlibs all that much. The fast tempo of the chorus itself was powerful enough, along with the killer vocals and choreo.

  4. its better than any twice video and music

  5. I respect ur feeling but the song is doing so fuking good with the views, likes and sales.

  6. Taeyeon is the first one to sing

    Sunny was the second one to sing

  7. As a sone I thought the song was great and unlike last year’s title tracks I actually like it more and would actively listen to it . I only rarely want to actually listen to Holiday or All Night even though the songs are better than average songs of the time released they didnt draw me completely in(I didnt like the MVs completely either) . Do I think they have had better title tracks? Yea definitely ,but it doesnt make it worse it is just that the kpop songs I fell in love with were mostly all electronic or because I started with jpop kind of cutesy bubblegumpoppish- sound and this is why snsd drew me in . Anyways I also think it is ahead of their time + Fermata the other track on this “album” is a bop I can listen to it on repeat for hours

  8. SLAPPPPPP SLAPPPPP SLAPPPP SLAPPPP…..SLAP. Even as a sone, this is REALLY good in my opinion, but I understand what wyatt is getting at. It is REALLY catchy really beaty and I think a good song BUT it can be repetitive and it couldve had more. I mean most kpop songs are around 4 minutes this was 3 minutes lol. Overall I think it was a really good song and im so glad its doing so well, as a 10 year late sone this is very exciting 😀

  9. *I’m inlove to this song at first listen*

  10. SAME THOUGHTS! even though SM didn’t gave them so much attention, like without promotions or comeback stage, the girls really did great without a whole support from their agency. And True. the girls did great but the whole MV is somehow lacking but thinking if another girlgroup did the whole thing I guess it will not be that popular. Also Knowing that this group is a sub unit of SNSD with 5 members and somehow thinking it won’t be that bop to everyone, lol i guess everyone is wrong. The MV, album, the song itself, trended #1 for almost 4 days, #1 on youtube for almost 5 days, #1 on itunes in almost 20 countries. Well yeah, the girls are back, the legends are back! Thanks for reacting!

  11. *Slap*
    When I first heard the song I feel kinda incomplete. Because that’s SNSD, in almost song they show us their vocal power. But when I heard the song later I find it I like it more and more. and now I am super addicted to it. Still I think it can super duper better if they add a lit bit more taeyeon and sunny’s high vocal range and Yoona and yuri’s low adlibs. Whatever its a gift for us.

  12. 0:12 The Victoria Justice jumped out

    I thought it slapped. Now, I’m a huge Sone but I can call a spade a spade. I know a lot of other stans liked You Think the most out of their Lion Heart singles (i.e. Party, Lion Heart, and You Think) but I just wasn’t feeling it (except for the pre-chorus. That pre-chorus was magical). Lil Touch is everything I wanted You Think to be. It’s more bouncy, has more unconventional elements, and a more melodic chorus. Is it as charming and inventive as most of their other singles/ title tracks? Nah. Not at all. But I’m not sure it was trying to be. Considering they wont be promoting it on music shows I think this was just a gift to us Sones starved for non-solo SNSD content. Hopefully next time SM invests more into a full group/ Oh!GG unit comeback but I trust SM with nothing so we’ll see.

  13. Girls Generation is so good!!!!

  14. common it’s so good song it’s the most viewed song in SM company for the first 24h

  15. Slap!!!! Taeyeon said that you have to listen it at least 3 time to hook you up to the song, Wyatt you should give it another try

  16. Honestly I agree with Wyatt, but after the second listen, it totally grew on me. All that’s been playing in my head (for three days now) was that bridge instrumental before Sunny and Taeyeon started singing, and I didn’t even notice that I’ve been singing it in my head the first day until I got home!

    Pretty sure most would agree with me on this one, but the song doesn’t have any “good” / _killing_ parts because the entire song is great althoughout that the song doesn’t have anything that stands out, you know? It was easy listening.

  17. I can agree that the visuals were the most powerful thing in that video and that would be the main reason I come back to it to watch again. I enjoy listening to the song too but mainly for the powerful vocal moments. Overall I’d say it was good, they’ve had better songs but I feel it was visually among their best concepts

  18. That what i wanted twice to be like instead i got dance the night away meh

  19. I watched. Nothing to say or add. You keep doing you.

  20. Gay groups are now slaying~

  21. I am with Wyatt on this one. It was quite underwhelming. The song was ok, fashion was ok, production was ok but I love the girls.

  22. cody literally cant stay still XD

  23. Before SNSD 9 girls,Now 5 Are Senior Queen

  24. Great song for me.. and for me its a slap 🙂 ❤️my fav group.. taeyeon and the rest i love them all..

  25. *S L A P*
    i love this song to be honest, it’s just addicting.

  26. Give me your lil’touch GG PALLI LALALALALALALA