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  1. sinb was the reason that i back to listen kpop again… because sinb face look like jessica… i was sone before jessica departure from GG.. and in 2017 i saw mv gfriend summer rain.. i think i saw jessica, but when i realised she’s not.. and i find the information about that girl.. until i knowed she’s sinb… Hwang Eun Bi.. Now i stand for Gfriend.. ^^

  2. I want sinb and jessica to prank their member in soumu building having same outfit in different floors thinking how did she get here to there so fast hahaha

  3. Sone Buddies where you at!!??

  4. There actually are some more moments.
    I think once they were standing close in an end year show?Or was is gayo daejun?
    There are a lot of GFriend singing along to gg songs as well.SinB had a predebut pic with Taeyeon and Moonbin from Astro.
    GFriend and SNSD took a picture the same day as Sooyoung’s story as well(Which is in the video cover.)Four members from GFriend(Sowon,Yerin,Yuju and SinB) had a special stage with Twice as Sooyoung,Yoona,Taeyeon and Seohyun.GFriend performed Jessica’s “Cold noodles” very recently.
    There are some recations as well.

  5. I love queens respecting legends

  6. I wish jessica sinb take a picture or video together just the two of them

  7. Waaaah poor me. Dont even know they danced mr mr 🙁

  8. How adorable you are. thank you for this video it’s so pretty good.

  9. they said that gfriend copying snsd and now their friends

  10. Two legend….. one video……. thank you channel yeochin

  11. That break dance is so good. I lost track how many times i hit replay on the fancam videos.
    I love how all member getting embarassed when Sowon said that.

  12. waiting for gfriend x girls generation collaboration

  13. Iam requesting this thank you!

  14. I love Gfriend ,
    I love SNSD


  16. Jessica 🙁

  17. Umji <3

  18. I really want them to do the concept that they likeeeeee
    SouMu please notice thisssss

  19. I am sone and I love buddy too

  20. my two favorite groups!!!♡

  21. If someone think when the first time snsd see sinb was after jessica get out imagine they face

  22. Please make a GFriend and Twice moments

  23. SNSD is the best forever