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『Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG 소녀시대-Oh!GG ‘몰랐니 (Lil’ Touch)’』
COVERED: Everyone Mixed
DANCE COVER: https://youtu.be/7rTHBxVJBKU

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  1. hope this helps!! also check out my dance cover of “Lil” Touch” if you haven’t yet 🙂 https://youtu.be/7rTHBxVJBKU

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  2. Chorus keeps on replaying:
    Me: memorize the lyrics more than the choreo

  3. 0:00 part 1
    0:29 part 2
    0:54 part 3
    1:23 part 4
    1:51 part 5
    Repeat again 0:00
    Repeat again 0:29
    2:33 part 6
    3:01 part 7

    ❤Hope this helps❤

  4. I think the main reason why you havent debut yet is because your dance move are really rough not soft enough, you can dance, all you cover dance are amazing, we can see that you really like that but yes i really think that the main reason, its just my opinion,maybe im wrong.(sorry for the faults…im not good in english

    Love from france❤❤

  5. i was waiting for this!!!

  6. Love I’m from Mexico

  7. HII UNNIE❤️❤️

  8. Wooooooooow lisa rhee dance biauti♥

  9. Brazil loves you

  10. Eres muy buena

  11. Talent :*

  12. Caraí algum br?

    eu tô quase morrendo tentando aprender esse ícone de coreografia

  13. I love you how did you learn to dance pls respond me

  14. вау! спасибо) надеюсь полная версия танца тоже будет)))