WOW! How dare he? I am so angry right now…

Read the article and read what I thought of this:

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  1. WOW! this is…

    Read the article and read what I thought of this: :

  2. Her tone comes out harsh so I guess she really didn’t want to be touched by this man and I think that he touched her harsh too because I don’t think she really is a sensitive person

  3. She has a right to scream at the man

  4. That’s horrible! He should be in a lot of trouble for that

  5. It seemed like she was trying to film and the guy (whoever he is) was telling her pretty rudely not to film and was pushing her or trying to grab the camera. People are very rude and when someone has a accent or something they do try to physically force them to do what they want.

  6. For real tho what the hell is happening right now in kpop? Edawn and hyuna, goo hara, bts and bang pdnim, and this. Damn can’t handle it.

  7. I think this incident shouldn’t be minimized bc we are talking about a foreigner. She has been to different parts of the world, touring with SNSD and this has never happened before. Hyoyeon is no fool, she is a grown woman and actually one of the snsd members with a lot of character. If she tried to film what was going on, it’s because something was definitely going on for her to feel uncomfortable in the way the guy was touching him. Also the man trying to stop her from filming (which I believe is the same guy trying to touch her) says “my stage my rules” so I don’t think he is a security guard, but idk.

  8. Where was the security?

  9. What the hell?! She was a special guest and still, he treat her like that?! If that so, don’t ever think to invite our queen again to your event to raise audience when your staf doesn’t even know about ettiquette! Who do they think they are?!

  10. security gaurds act like that in some places but in Korea security would never put hands on an idol i think she was just surprised as to how different the security was treating her by just grabbing her to relocate her but that stuff happens often

  11. A lady must be treated with the upmost respect no matter how famous or not. It’s called manners.

  12. I could be totally wrong, but from the looks of the video it was probably a security guard who attempted to “move” Hyoyeon without politely asking her first.
    They sometimes have a way of doing that. It didn’t really sound to me from the tone of her voice like she was being molested.
    If it was a security guard, he had no business putting his hands on her without asking her to clear the area first.

  13. I’m pretty sure hyoyeon was filming when there was some rule “no filming backstage” & he was pissed about it & so told he told hyoyeon to stop filming. Since hyoyeon didnt stop filming or more likely didnt understand, he touched her to put the camera down & so she responded “dont touch me”. Then he said “my stage my rules” aka no filming.

    So basically he should get in trouble for touching her to forcibly stop her from recording. Even if she is breaking the rules, there is no reason you should be putting your hands on another person. Gross trash. I wish she got a more clear shot of him.

  14. It’s simple don’t grope, mishandle someone randomly. Especially in a place like that, it’s a party scene it’s dark, there’s alcohol. Security or not you could say “could you not do…” instead of touching. At least a tap of a shoulder would be better better.

  15. He shouldn’t have touched her from the beginning he is going to be bashed and punished by the other members especially Sunny

  16. Poor hyohyeon. I hope he gets caught.

  17. Fans of all fandoms WILL join together because we are family. We protect our idols even if they aren’t our favs. We WILL give her the justice and mark my words, if any of the fans find who he is, the kpop community will, 100%, make his life a living hell.

  18. Just follow the rules at the venue and everyone will be fine

  19. OMG im so angry now !! He must be punished he defenitly did this to many other girls… This need to be talked about seriously..

  20. They thought that kpop fans will stay silent on this issue.

    Well Mr.. You are mistaken. Kpop fans are more furious when their idols are treated that way.

  21. It does not sound like molestation at all. It sounds like someone, maybe her was filming and a person was angry and said it was his stage and you don’t record me. Other countries are more blunt in speech and sometimes attitude. Security and bouncers can indeed be rough.

  22. 1:53 “Es soll irgendjemand performen oder so.” That’s in German, meaning “someone is scheduled to perform or something like that” and is meant as a question/wondering. The English-speaking person looks like a security man to me who tried to move Hyoyeon. I mean, he could’ve asked too, she would have moved voluntarily of course, but NOPE.

  23. It sounds like things got a little stressful back stage and everyone was on edge? I know we can’t see anything but from the time of everyone’s voice it just sounds like they’re all annoyed I don’t think anyone really touched her inappropriately. Good on Hyoyeon for speaking up for herself either way.

  24. Sounded more like drama to me. Like someone was arguing with her and put their hands on her (which is a fight on my block but anyway). If he wanted to stop the recording, which it seems like this was the issue, there r better ways to communicate this than putting his hands on anyone. Its childish at the end of the day.