REACTING TO KPOP | SNSD CAN’t forget JESSICA!!! crying moments
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  1. Many of the fans said that the girls being so emotional because, the concert happens fews months after one of the member (they are originally debut as 9) Jessica Jung depart from the group. So,the song called Into The New World is their debut song and this song has many impact and good memories to the girls during the day when they are still with 9 members (2007-2014). If you don’t mind and got time to do research by learning their history you’ll be amazed how this girls being so popular and being one of the most Legendary kpop act of all time. Pls watch one of the video called The History of Girls Generation. Sorry for my English…I’m too emotional rn..

  2. No other kpop girl group crossed their 10Th year but GIRLS’ GENERATION!!

  3. That is a ballad version of their debut song Into the new world. That concert is after Jessica’s departure that’s why they are crying. If you observe the middle part it has a space that is for Jessica

  4. Girls Generation karma butterfly and T.O.P. live pleaseeee

  5. This concert was prepared for Jessica’s departure in the group but as they were preparing for this concert, something happened in between. 2 months before the concert, Jessica left the group so they had to adjust everything in the concert.

  6. Reaction to Girls Generation Divine? I love you ❤

  7. The legendary girl group, they are the group who brought me to kpop GG4eva.

  8. React to girls generation karma butterfly of 3th japan tour live pleaseeeee

  9. Fun fact: taeyeon dated exo member baekhyun. But stupid childish fans ruined it. Still not sure if they are still together, but they were a very cute couple.

  10. Snsd is always OT9 ❤️❤️

  11. I was crying everytime i watching this video

  12. Girls’ Generation live performances are my favourite. The one you react in this video is Into the New World Ballad version. After the departure of Jessica, one of the member, they always perform ITNW in ballad but the original version is awesome too. ITNW will always have a special place in Sones’ heart because it is the debut song and also the meaning of it 🙂

    I recommend Into the New World live performance from Girls & Peace concert, I know you already react to ITNW in this video but trust me, this one is different.

    There’s a lot of badass performance from SNSD but I really love their ballad songs live as well 🙂
    I’d recommend ITNW DVD Complete live and Forever from 2nd Girls Generation tour concert. I notice you mentioned about girl’s power so maybe Stay girls live from their 3rd Japan tour (not exactly POWER but well it’s meaningful) These ones are quite emotional but they’re my favourite lol It’s my preference so I’m not sure you’ll like it. I HOPE SO but it’s fine if it’s not to your taste.

    Thank you for reacting alot to Girls’ Generation it just made me happy watching your reaction to my most favourite GG. Snsd don’t have an official light sticks like others (quite ridiculous for an 11 years group but that’s just SM I guess) tho they have a penlight one lol I heard it’s in the process of making (finally) so we might get to see them soon

  13. This performance is dedicated to jessica

  14. The reason why they cried in this song is becos this is one of their earliest debuted song as a girls generation with one more member call Jessica. Until few years ago she was unexpectedly kicked out from the company and and nobody know why and they are unable to tell us the truth due to their company policy. I feel that they are dying to tell us the reason. However they couldn’t.

  15. Please react to exo promise with lyrics (lay wrote this song when the 3 members left the group )

  16. Please, react to “SNSD Hillarious PRANK and SCANDALOUS Behind Story – 10th anniversary”. I’ts a video that shows all the sides from Girls Generation. I think you would love it if you really want to join the fandom!

  17. It’s actually the ballad version of their debut song (2007). And it’s their first concert without Jessica (2014). That’s why this performance is so heartbreaking for both Girls’ Generation and all the fans

  18. Sad that Jess was kicked out but she is happy now and that’s the only thing that matters for me. SNSD seems to be happy too with the current situation or at least with the situation when jess was not a part of SNSD anymore so I think it’s fine now

  19. plz react GG(tts)cater 2 U

  20. They don’t have Lightstick yet… Lightstick is a new thing for Kpop but we were promised one this year so let’s sit back & wait… it better be epic… I need crowns and all for the Queens. You definitely need to see their tours… Their 3rd Japan Tour, Phantasia & Tokyo Dome concert was the best for me. I love all of them from Into the New World to Phantasia but those 3 really captured my entire body & soul more so than the others.

  21. Girls generation TTS (Taeyeon Tiffany Seohyun) – Twinkle, Love Sick, Adrenaline (live version). You will be slayed..!!

  22. Into the New World was their debut song. They sang and released the song when SNSD was still 9. Jessica Jung left the group in September 2014. This ballad version was performed in December 2014, in their Tokyo Dome concert, three months after Jessica left. Thus, they were so emotional singing it. I am glad that you appreciate the song ♥️ Indeed, this whole performance is remarkable for all of us fans. We welcome you to the family. Enjoy your stay!